How Vicky cook Noodle King!?

A very good day! :D
Sorry for the blogless days,
Vicky was way too busy this few days :(

Went to Noodle House with Irene the other day
We like to belanja each other >.<>

Lemon Juice!

I remembered I said ...
" Aiya, everytime eat laksa,
this time have to order some other thing instead :/"

I choose here and there
See this "Aiya, got meat"
See that "Aiya, got rice"
See this again "Aiya, got flat noodle"

At last...

I ordered laksa =.= "

Think it's the only edible food in the menu list? o.O

Irene! :D

Haha, the empty one is mine
The leftover one is Irene's
See the Mee Hoon ~.~
I'd rather order for her
"Laksa mee hoon don't want mee hoon"

Now let's get on the topic:

Just the other day...
I've found the royalty Noodle Mee

Named as ...


So I cooked it :)

Same thing, prepare kuali with boiling water

See the noodle stick?
It's obviously thinner than the normal one.

Put the noodle into the Kuali slowly

Seasoning powder and juice :D

Err, forget to intro the Chefky

Stir the noodle in the kuali

Prepare a golden egg

Use one hand style to break the egg


See that the mee got tender and soft?

Tada!! Done XD

Chefky gave a try!

She never tasted anything that nice!!
That she kiss her hand as a sign of royalty manner.

THUMB UP from Chefky!

Herbal jelly from the bottom-most floor of Delta mall
Nice :D!!

Brought Esther and Cy to Parkson the other day
To buy pressie for valentine day!!
They prepare so much for this day's arrival ler

Hard to find girls like that de..
Really la..

Esther bought a shoe for her...

No sock no talk :X

These 2 from Go why town!! Weird but interesting Brand name!

Night time of the other day...

Muhibah of Sibu!
See that there is actually lotsa
people around at this night time!

Never miss this out if you wish to go there
If not you will be fine RM30 and pay to
Vicky's Office within 3 days

Same thing apply to Fish Toufu! ^.^


You know what?! New year is soooooooo near! T.T

Missing kew

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