Vicky Demo Skin Food Face Therapy

Haha Yea!
First time Vicky went to buy Skin food Therapy thingy o.o
Recently my friend said that my face look yellowish
I wanna look better on Chinese New year
So I got so worried and went to Skin Food
Just next next to Hush Puppies

I bought what they recommended

Here Vicky GO! :D


First prepare a Dirty face...

Wash your face with your own use facial foam
Mine is Gervenne XD

UV White ler~

After washing, use towel to dry up your face

And the next thing is...


TADA~ The skin food whitening Therapy Set.

Toner comes first!

Use cotton wool, no hand! Hand dirty :d

Wipe them on your face
Your face look clean, but actually
the pores on the face are dirt trapper!
Toner will help to remove them :)

2nd the Emulsion!

Look like condensed milk, but cannot drink

Wipe bit bit of them on your face

Then MUST PAT!! lightly la... don't slap yourself
This is to make the absorption more efficient.

Last thing, SERUM! :D

Look like Chemical stuff la.. haha
2 Drops!

Apply on the face!

Remember, pat not slap.
The serum is actually for night time...

This whitening core is for Day time ! XD


Ok, that's all for the class now...

-Vicky Beauty and Care Sdn Bhd-

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