Vicky is Hungry T.T

First of all, Farewell to Hui Bing...

This is her eating biscuits for lunch.

17 pieces of biscuits.
Will miss u and ur biscuits hui bing :)

This is Angela...


While I was taking photos boring-ly
Suddenly! I found CY was looking at her leg O.O

Her leg just got knocked by a cupboard
Aww, must be very painful... :(

Painful till Yvonne need someone's hug.

Realising that that day I haven't really eat something
So I went to take away some food in Muhibah (food court nearby)

Hungry Vicky T.T

Hey Vicky intro you all one new thing...

That is..


Dian Bian Hu!
Something like Rice fluid
Yea~ :/

After hesitating a long while, I took a sip.

Amazingly, it was nice!!!!!!!

The smell is nice too! Plus there is no smell of rice at all
Well, altho Imma Anti-rice girl but this is definitely a
good thing to eat!

So I took more sip and more and more!


But then, I'm feeling kinda weird after that

I am not full yet.

This is the Fruit Ice!!
It is a fruit ice :/

Wou Wou Wou, after hot thing, then cold thing!

A cold sip...

Makes me.....


I cannot stand using the spoon, instead I use my mouth.

Gulu Gulu Gulu~


Wou... O.O"

I still can't believe that I actually eat that much of thing that night.
So... unbelievable.
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