An outing With Irene part 2!!

Haha, I love hanging out my friends!
Especially Irene XD Wou!

Well, actually I took 2 hours break from work :X

Fetched Irene from the school hostel to Medan Mall

She Treated me Popcorn! I love pop corn with lotsa honey :D

Thanks Rene! Haha~

Remember I talked about the Green house?
Ner, the bread one ar...

I intro this to Irene too, The cream Puff!

I enjoy eating

Irene enjoy eating too! ^.^

So we all enjoy eating ~.~

Don't know what actually happen today
But... me and Irene's tummy were like
"Depth-less" never full one~

So we went to Sushi Tie once more!!

Hey Look, it's the hungry girls again wou!

Err, I am Hungri-ky, how about you?

I am Hungrene, nice 2 meetchu 2!!

Aloe Vera Apple Juice XD

Inari Egg Mayo!


Silent means don't know.

The rice already a bit loosen, so seemed like ugly bit bit.

Irene Nom Nom Nom~

Vicky Nom Nom Nom~ Haha

Ala, only look at us nom nom-ing, also no meaning right?

So, WASAKY is BACK for the act!!!!!

Look at the wasabi topping... How greenish is it?!

The relax looking Wasaky showed us her easy challenge.

Prepare a Chop stick! Wasaky looks handsome here.

She took it with the chop stick O.O ""

Wasaky Opened her mouth! OO"

She put that thing in!!! ARHHH~~

Unbelievable ...

She actually just Nom-ed that green thing....


Yay, peace pose >.<>

Irene show no expression ... She thinks it's sup sup soi.


After the eating session
Haha! There's only one session, EAT!

Fat us~

Yet Happy us!

Love ya Rene Rene ^.^

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