A Whole day with Chai Yiiun

Yeah, a whole day spending my time with Chai Yiiun. >.< Wou! We started to meet up at 6.30am in the morning.

Way to jogging!!!
Sighed, no motivation without friend right?

Jogging early in the morning is so cool.
Can see old folks and chat with them

"Hey Uncle, Auntie, Jogging a? ^.^"

Miss this track alot, the moment I spend on this track.
The Sweat, the applause, the joyful sound, the cries

Memories... :)

Under the sun, the long shadow reflects that I'm getting...

TALLER! XD Self convince T.T

Chai Yiiun is getting marry today

We spend the time happily ^.^"

She happy

I happy

We all happy ! :D

We stayed there around 1 hour plus.

Breakfast at Everwin!

Yea, same thing, Dian Bian Hu!

Cy drank this drink early in the morning =.=

Barley, healthy and warm, best drink for breakfast

See that see that?!

Cy's Kampua~

On the other hand, she also ordered a soup.
Full of Pork Liver X.X

Haha~ Anyhow I didn't touch the soup at all.

When arrived at shop... We saw a cow

Sad cow

Excited cow

And a spongebob...


Anyway, time past so fast that afternoon arrived like in 3 seconds?
Me and Chai Yiiun went for LUNCH! Wou!

Guess where?!

Manna Cafe!

Where the environment is very pretty.

Nice right?
Look like the twin tower

The lemon juice looks sooooooo
Thirst Hunger...

My 3 colors milk tea...

Few minutes later, I finished my drink already

My Kimchi Noodle

Still as delicious as ever! XD Wow~

Almighty Kimchi Noodle!

Yea this is the kimchi ...

Chai Yiiun's order...

I can only give this face





WAAAA!!!!!!!! So Nice looking and Smelling GOODIE!!!

See her overjoy face? T.T

The egg is really amusing O.O

I'm done! :)

Chai Yiiun still eating hers, coz it's too hot.

Clay pot is majorly for maintaining hotness

We had a great day that day!
A day full of eating.

Night time after work =.=

Sunday Morning!!!!

I woke up late, so can't wash my hair on time
Pin up my front messy hair :X

How flat my hair is!!!! T.T

Hey I found this fading Agong in the cashier..

Sunday afternoon went to Badminton with the church friends!

And I am too strong that I broke my racket. T.T

Her life is ended by her own master.

Rest in Peace my beloved racket-chan.

Anyway, I'm still happy like before!

Back to shop and smell something nice!
Dinner of Celine Kong
Flat Flat noodles

Imma Anti-flat noodle too

Bought Ai Yu Bing from Kokoberry








The day end again like this...
This few days really tired because chinese new year is coming soon
So People "hold Amitofo's leg on time"
Sekali gus buy at one time... T.T
Then we all shop assistant sekali gus die at one time too.

Done for this post!


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