Together Tea House

Went to Together Tea House of Sibu
With Kew Kew and Rene Rene

Interesting thing is that, you have to take off ur shoe
before stepping inside the tea house

3 colours milk tea.. =.= very sweet sweet de

Irene's mocha...

LOL!! I see kimchi word
I straight away order that dish..

They use seasoning powder, no kimchi de...

This is Kew Kew's "Zha Jiang Mian"

Irene's Mee Hoon Fish Soup, Vicky so regret :(

Next we went to the Kokoberry of Delta Mall!
Ordered Ai Yu Bing

And must!! Show this biji for you all...

See that? :D

Me and Irene enjoyed a lot ^.^

Had a great day with ya'll thanks

Random Picture, Nice cake!

Sorry, really busy this few days.
Parent just came back yay!
So happy to see them.

Got to go for Work TA!!!

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