Vicky Eat Vicky Exercise!

Hung out with my boy few days ago
He brought me to a place full of bears!!!


Bears even taller than him

Very Big enough for me to hug ^^"

I'm so glad that this teddy got a more chubby face than I.

Saw this very old film player
I guess that what my father and mother used to see
black and white film when they're paktoh at my age >.<
Wait.. My mother married at my age.. O.O

Look! It's the Green Forest!

Tada :D

The Sales assistant doesn't allow me to take picture inside
So Kew Kew bought one recommended dessert out

The Cream Puff!!!!!

It's really puffilicious XD

Hmm, this few days I had been eating the proper meal ady

No cheating la, this is my lunch :/

Plus a green tea pack some more...

Erm, don't ask why
Cy just feeling very Herculisy
Yvonne is way too light!

The back of herculis bringing Yvonne
So Handsome O.O" ...

Haha, too bored in the shop, so took
the only-head-shoot picture X)


This place is located near the Bus terminal of Sibu

Esther Chan

Irene Chan :D

Esther's Fried noodles wet.

Esther said :"Holy, the people didn't get me spoon and fork :<"
I am angry and saddeh!

Irene recommended Vicky the fish and chips
Special part of this is that...

Got Egg one ler! :P

2 Fish fillets, One salad coleslaw, chips and EGG!

Salary night...
While waiting for our salary moment...
Vicky is way too excited that she took photos with the HP gangs





And me!!! Haha
I'm so happy that I got my salary that night

Able to refill the car fuel
Can eat what I want
Pay debts (I hate owing people money :<)
Buy New Year clothes
Give Grandma Pocket Money
Lastly, Save Money!!!

Next morning after that :D

Went to eat laksa with Rene Rene them ^.^

Alicia one, shared with Irene's =.=

Roti Canai Susu! :o

Afternoon of the same day.

Went to Mcdonald with the Same gang
Well, I seldom go this kinda place
But one thing I normally go to this place is for..


Somehow, the size changed :/
Fillings also changed :/
Price maintained =.=

Look big but inner fillings only little nia :<

Alicia's Burger!

Fish Fillet Burger!
Vicky's one.

One thing that Irene is different from us is that

She loves eating French Fried mixes with Mc Flurry
I've tried, NICE! :D

She is one very "cool" Girl I've ever seen! :d

But Vicky wanna look cooler than her
So I also try different thing

I put the French fried and Mc Flurry onto the Burger bread
How Interesting huh?

Somehow, it's Burgelicious!

Alicia said :"Eat burger makes u look slimmer!"

My boy also very "enjoy" too... =.=

Sorry, he was sleepy that time :X

Even when we take photo, he likes to act weird =.=


I love this picture, Irene with reddish hair
Love it so muchi!

That day I bought Hush Puppies Undergarment.

Nice packet! :D
If don't mention la, people will think that it's a Bento.
(Lunch pack)

Anyhow, I ate alot that whole day
So I've decided myself to exercise!!!!!

A very motivated face before sleeping..


Sleepy but forced to wake up face.

I'm so born to jog for today! XD

Early 6 plus in the morning
I drove to the Stadium of Sibu

Hmm, Quite a long time I haven't step into this field

Now I'm typing this post with backache T.T
Result of not going to exercise often, I deserve it :(

But only little people,
Mostly old folks

Must!!! Go!!! Exercise!!!!

Neeway, I sweated alot today :D
Am happy ^.^

On the way home....

Sorry, camwhore on the act.

Don't know where is this stadium located?
Near the UCS of Sibu ^^

Teddy also got shock when it saw
me this early in the morning XD

My hair got culed up once it got wet
I looked very messy O.O

My Sport Shoe for jogging ^.^"
Fake NIKE from China!
But it's light and comfortable =D

Neeway, got to go now.. I'm so sleepy
Have to wake up early in the morning later
EXERCISE!!!!! >:d

Jia You Vicky!! Woots Woots Woots!

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