I eat I happy

Hey Chinese New Year is 1 week ahead!

Have you buy any CNY's serving snacks?

Make sure your house got the above three
If I happen to visit your house ^^
Because I love them!!

Early Sunday morning!

Preparing to go church!

Normally la, almost every morning,
Morning as in 6 am like that
I got no appetite to eat breakfast at all
So normally go out with empty tummy

And So normally end up very hungry at 10am plus!

Back home after church service
Preparing to go for work!
LOL, how busy am Vicky ei?

Once upon a time...

There lived a very poor and hungry girl named Vicky...

She always please food from people around

One day, a very kind-heart man gave her this...

The Cheese!!!!!!!!

Vicky Nom Nom the Cheese happily...

She is so excited when she ate the cheese!

And she Nom-ed and Nom-ed

Lastly decided to name herself as


And she lives happily ever after.

---Story End---

Neeway, went to eat breakfast with the 2 girls
Celine and Yvonne

They just... like to cover their face




The breakfast of Sunday

Wou man, Sibu's kampua ler...

Celine's Dong Fen

Vicky's Laksa!

Hey we always concern about African Life de ler :P

Wanna change my drink already
Green tea instead of my soya bean? :(
I'm so frustrated, they say drink too much soya will get fat.

So this few days, I motivate myself!


Sweating makes me feel much more better!

RONICA!!! Ex-colleague!
If you read my blog from the beginning
You might recognize her, her hair gets longer
And most importantly, she's getting prettier! :D
And she said I'm getting more cuter! ( i.e. FAT)

My financial Status at 31/01/2010


Guess what I mean?

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