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Hi there everyone! This is gonna be a very short post. I'm at the school library now, just submit my leave form with tickets attached. Oh yes I'm going back soon! Can't wait to see my family and friends.

Hmm what should I talk about, hmm let's talk about my lectures. I'm taking 3 papers this semester, there are 2 lecturers, Mr. Andy and Ms. Suzannah.

Mr. Andy is lecturing P1 governance, risk and ethics and P3 business analysis, he has a very unique style of teaching. He loves using examples to guide our understanding, well it works! And I love the way he introduced himself via a video XD Mr. Andy is funny and hardworking :)

Ms. Suzannah is teaching P2 corporate reporting. Her smile really mesmerizing seriously, its like a sunshine shining up the whole class whenever she smiles. And she is very patience and caring too. Nice handwriting, unlike mine, sometime big sometime small XD and she looks very young yo! Sometime I think like someone of the same age is lecturing us haha.

Hmm so far I have not made any friends in school yet, not that I don't want, but I just... Don't know how to approach them :'( so basically I look like one of the loner in school lol! Good thing I have friends from the local church :) There will be an orientation today (13/7/12), so I'm sure that I'm gonna meet a friend at least :P if still cannot, I'm such a social failure T.T don't see me write so much in blog, that's what my brain think and my fingers talk. In real life, my brain think my expression talk, fulll of expressions, just like spongebob! No idea why I can't really talk in public hmm.

Anyway, got to study for another half an hour and I'm off for lunch! Bread lunch, there's an offer recently for one of the bread shop at The Centrepoint, namely Bread Talk, one for $1.10 twelve for $12.00! Can memorize already lolz.


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