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As I have been in Singapore for almost 2 weeks now, everything seems to be getting better and better. Most importantly, I can go to school without hesitating which junction to enter, which direction left or right, which bus stop to alight. I can actually walk among the crowds as seemed like I got a daily rushy schedule too!

This is really worth to be celebrated, yay.

I spend most of my revision time at school supplementary classroom in the morning and afternoon, mainly because there's aircon. FYI, there is no aircon in my rent room, so you can imagine me doing revision with all the wet sweaty books, not good.

The shopping centre whic I most familiar with so far, is, The Centrepoint, Singapore. There is so many happening stories going on between me and The Centrepoint :) Soon to be told.

I wonder how is the ice-cream taste like, some more got chilli at the top! Lol, no lar, they are doing promotion thing, and it means you can have various type of choices, eat till your fork bend!

Went to this dessert section of Subway, The Centrepoint the other day and order my beloved...

...Bubur ChaCha for dinner! Small portion but very full! I think my appetite got smaller and smaller each day, one piece of bread I already want to say it's enough liao. FYI, I used to be a super bread lover. But don't see any symptoms of slimming down at all lol!

Massive red nutmeg on the street! At first I thought it's an alien warship or something. After reading the description on the standboard, the name Orchard Road is actually comes from Nutmeg itself. And this nutmeg is created for the remembrance of it. Something like that. Correct me if I'm wrong :P

Different flavours of Popcorn!! Brunei Wai You No Hav Dis?! But I haven't try them, wait till I have a friend to share with first ^.^ By the way, the popcorn's name is Garrett Popcorn, am I lihai enough to remember the name?

Just like DST in Brunei, in Singapore, it's Singtel!
Let's Sing through the telephone!
DST looks better though, can Dance and Sing through the telephone!

This is Milo, Milo is this. Bought a new mug costing S$1.50, since my mickey mug (Free from Colgate Toothpaste) cracked when I try to pour in the hot water :'( RIP Mickey Mug.

Digestive biscuits, which have become one of my meal, either breakfast or dinner.

Back to the riceless days woots!

About whether I have made any friends in Singapore.
Yes I have met one big group of really nice friends in Singapore, friends from church that is :) They are so friendly and cheerful and kind and so devoted, which somehow motivates me spiritually. I wanna thank God for the loving people He has arranged for me. Then I realised that I have problem in communicating, or probably they are way too fluent in speaking english, which I always "Ha?"  "Sorry?" when they speak, so they end up repeating all the time. Sigh, back in Brunei I should have speak more than type in English. Like most of my chinese friends in Brunei, we sms using English, when face to face, speak Chinese pulak. So if you see me vomitting all this English words in my blog, it doesn't mean that I can speak them well ah. I'm just an inside-out banana girl lol!

Anyway, they didn't take this as a big deal, which comforted me :') In fact, they'd love to know more about me and I'd love to share with them too. Ignoring all the broken English I speak, as long as I can get them to understand what I'm trying to say hoho.
This is Elise, 2 years younger than me if I'm not mistaken, a loving and caring girl. It's July and her birthday falls on July, so she got to blow the candles :D It's quite a fun practice to organize it that way. Seems like only Elise's birthday falls on July, out of so many people!

Riding bus back home has become one of my daily routine as well, enjoying the view of tall buildings, nice cars, different types of people on the street and so on. I have still have a long long way to go...

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