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I was having a great time with my friends today! And I am so eager to share it with you all. But first of all, below are a few pictures which I took few days ago.

Had a chance to have lunch with all of them at Hwa Seafood Restaurant, Singapore. Well, I'm still not really get into their topics yet but, I will try my very best de! O.O

For your information, I got only 5 classes of 3 hours each every week. So meaning to say, I will be very free on the weekend since I can spend my revision during the weekdays because of the short hours of class. So I came out with a great idea...

Oh yes, you are right! I bought korean drama to kill my weekend off! XD
These 2 female characters are my favourite actresses of all time.

Only then I know what is a butler. And very mesmerizing phrase from this series
"After all, I'm your butler" *with a smuggy smile* Nice series :)

Remember I talked about my lecturer on the previous post? Mr Andy Tan from Kaplan.
Like I said, he has a very unique style of lecturing.
Whenever he gives us breaktime, he will play some nice and soothing songs with his photography slideshow pictures. He's truly a photographing lover O.O

For a girl like me who grown up in Brunei, I will either ride on other people's car or drive own car to the destination I wanna go. Coming to Singapore, one of the biggest impact on me is that I have to walk a lot, for me it's a lot, but I know for those who has lived in Singapore for years, it's nothing for them lolz. Err what I actually trying to tell you is, my face got oily faster because of this. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining alright. What I really really wanna tell you is that, I bought Clean & Clear oil control paper because of this.
One of my best companion hoho.

And then I realised that many people who rides on train or bus, they put on their earphone. It's like they won't hear or listen to any other sounds surrounding them. So I wanna try how does it feels like to barred yourself from the surrounding sounds and get into your own musical world.
In fact, IT FEELS GREAT! Somehow sometime it feels awkward when you are so high of your music, say when you listen to "Grenade" from Bruno Mars, you are so into the song, your brain is so polluted by its lyrics and so on, then you put down your earphone. Sudden silent from either library, bus or train strikes in, it's really awkward! Mentally... You can try that and I'm sure you would know what I'm trying to say haha.

Just attended to orientation yesterday, it was awesome! I met a new friend from Vietnam, her name is Hang. She has a pair of lively eyes, cute laughter, fluent english and easy to chat with. We chatted a bit as she sits just beside me during the orientation. Another awesome thing! Kaplan is going to organize a half day tour guide around Singapore for new international students like me! Me and Hang are so excited about it, don't worry cause I'm so gonna take pictures of that day's trip yo :)
Welcome gift from Kaplan. Juggling balls! Whooo, I have another equipment to kill the free time. I will perform a good juggling to you all once I passed my ACCA in the near future :)

Ok, so starting from here onwards. It will be today's pictures.
Played a few tabletennis games with church fellows, it was so fun! Can't remember when is the last time I touch ping pong ball, like 5 years ago? o.O
But am so glad that I am able to get into sport activities here :) Cause I have not been sweating for months! Sweat as in real sporty sweat lolz.

With Elise (middle) and Jolyn (right), lovely and kind angels :)

Having break, so happen to see around the area. The facilities are actually provided to those who lives at nearby HDB. It's so awesome!
Gym is provided too. I can see elderly people lifting weights and do heavy workouts. Seriously, that is way too cool alright. Very health concious, and me?! Should stop keep eating bread and get some jog now.

Swimming pool is provided too! Can't take the picture outside as it was raining.
But manage to take picture from the upper level :D

Omo Omo, got coconut trees some more, just like a hotel O.O

Kids learning dance in an aerobic room. Reminds me of the old school days, after school rushes to dancing room, those days, so memorable :')

Reading room as well. Too good too good way too good, very considerate in all sort of ways.

Just love the feel, enjoying at the scenery outside from here. Suddenly feels like I'm in Hong Kong o.o

Cute cactus pot! Friend's mom must be very talented in decorating all these :D

Find this couple bird lovely, snap*

Had our lunch at one of the signature Singapore chicken rice restaurant in Singapore. Brunei also has famous SCR restaurants all around, but guys, Vicky is having the original one here yo, muahahaha. Ahem, sorry.
Big family of 3 generations, all love SCR :D Can see that this particular SCR from this restaurant is not just a simple chicken and a bowl of rice, there's more than something behind.

Wanton (Dumpling) Soup, no idea why but I feel like craving for the soup now, yeah, now, as in 10.06pm now. Probably I'm thirsty.

*Be right back, I go drink water*

*ok back*

So where am I, oh Chicken rice.
Chicken Rice. Some restaurant's chicken rice very oily, too soft or too hard, but this! Chicken rice is an exception! The rice, even you try just one biji of the rice grain, you will be totally immersed into the world of chicken, the essence, the scent, the not-too-oily juice and many more that I can't use word to describe.

Did I spend too much time on describing the rice? o.O

3 layers pork. Didn't eat that, but err, it does not looked as bad as others, where you can see oil dripping down from the fat layers... O.O ok skip.

Vegetable. It's been a while since I came to Singapore, to eat vegetable. Real dish of vegetable I mean, those 2 slices, or 3 pieces of vege in mee soup does not count lolz.

Tada! One of the main character for today's lunch, steamed chicken. One word, Superb!

Roasted chicken, agreeing to Elise's statement, that different SCR restaurants has different recipe for the sauce for roasted chicken, this dish is sugoii-ly delicious! Especially when you mix it with chicken rice :P

Ate my lunch under a rainy cold day. Thanks for the warm lovely friends, we hangout a few more while after lunch and then put the hangout a fullstop. Satisfied ^.^

Rode MRT from Bishan to Novena. Then I came accross Novena Square, which I just discovered today, there's a shopping mall in Novena! :D

Attracted by this cute little bean shop, Mr Bean "Life's simple pleasure", nice quote aye! Everything made of soya bean, soya bean classic, soya bean watermelon, soyabean jelly drink, soyabean papaya and many more. Got soyabean spongecake too! I tried the soyabean classic (cold) for S$1.40. If the original version tastes good, I'm sure all the other will be too!

It tastes totally like the one my mom cooks, which mean, they are using original stuff as ingredient. It is healthy, cures thirst and very refreshing!

As I was about to walk back home, something stopped me by again.
Namely, QQ Rice! What's more interesting about it is that they make rice into a ball, inner fillings will be your own choice! And their rice is not just an ordinary rice, got brown rice, purple rice, wheat rice, and many more!
Reminds me of dumpling festival, just that the rice is not sticky and in cone shaped lolz.

See that?! Lot's of choices! So I decided to try one ball.

For the rice I chose Five Grain Rice,
for the inner fillings I chose: "Tuna, Radish, Corns, Seaweed, Fried egg"

Weird Combination I KNOW, cause I'm weird enough to eligible for that.

Clifford always ask me when am I going to eat rice, cause I have not been touching rice for almost 2 weeks now. So here is it! I am eating RICEball.
Haha, I'd rather say it looks fun to eat than delicious to eat, so cute!

And somehow feel touched, getting to eat the food where I myself get to decide all the ingredients I want. Taste a little bit weird, will get another combination next time lolz. But overall is NICE and FUN to eat!

Here is me eating the riceball after bath (explains my wet hair). Looks tired aye? But I am happy today, so... not a big deal for me. It's Sunday tomorrow, have a nice day ahead yo!

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