Vicky in China ♥ Day 5 ● Shanghai Expo 2010 上海世博会●东方明珠●上海老街

Now I know blogging about traveling trip is really tiring T.T
Traveler's blog, like Nicolekiss, she is one real travel blogger.
For me, her life is free like a bird.

Anyway! Let's come to the fifth day of Vicky in China, excited not?? :D :D :D

Good morning Shanghai again!

This was my outfit for that day.

While waiting at lobby, spongebob requested to take a picture with Hai Bao.

After breakfast, straightly we rode to the Shanghai Expo 2010 destination.

Tour Guider asking for direction to the Japan Pavilion.
Japan pavilion must be visited! I'll tell you why later.

Some small little pointed roof buildings.

Don't cry for me Argentina `o`
LOL! I can see that they take football as their priority ei?
Too bad Spain won on this Fifa World Cup 2010.

South Africa!!
When I get older I will be stronger, they will call me freedom,
just like a wavin flag!

So, err what's that again? o.O

Joyce was cool with the sunglasses on XD

You all know what? To go for Japan Pavilion, you will need a very strong patience. As we will be queuing up for 5 hours IF YOU'RE LUCKY.

IF NOT, 7 hours.

As for me, I got strong patience too X) All I have to do is camwhore to kill the time.

Although is freakingly hot and hard to breath in this scary crowd T.T

This uncle is very entertaining, his heart is still so 'young'. haha hey
I wanna play too :|

As you can see, the Japan Pavilion is very near to me, YET! I still need 3 hours to reach the entrance, because the Japan's queue line was all in ZIGZAG style @,@

Deleted all the vain pictures when queuing up LOL! Skip until we reached the entrance finally yay!

It was told that camera is not allowed in the building, but I managed to capture some pictures, some appeared as blurry image :S Well, better than nothing right?

The bread on the table looks nice :P

When we talk about Japan, other than Sushi, we talk about technology too!
ROBOT never miss out the event!

High Tech Car, wou!

Screens showing video of some Japanese history and culture.

Beautiful performance on the wall, it is so 3D!

They also demonstrate to us how the future life will be!

And future robotic maid! If you want her to play violin,
that's a piece of metal for her!
Plus she will response to you in a conversation fluently what the?
I wonder if she can take shower with me anot, robot also got water resistant
one right?

Beautiful work of the Japanese :)

I really impress the little girl on the stage, she is really talented. Hmm, I was wondering that she does not need to attend for classes de wo? O.O"

The drama takes 15 minutes to finish.

Japan cares about earth too!

So the whole Japan Pavilion visit will take one hour to finish in exchange of 5 hours of queue. Worth it!

Because it took the "whole day" to visit Japan Pavilion and it's almost time to gather up at the place where tour guider asked us to, we can only visit the neighbor Vietnam Pavilion.

Another bamboo sticks wall.

Ok, maybe not the wall only O.O All of the inside!

Erm, how to feel the wonderfulness of an artistic work when you can't fell anything from it? I dunno how to comment the work of art on this thing :/

So all I have to do is camwhore! Done.

I took 4 minutes 39 seconds in exact to finish the visit on Vietnam Pavilion.

We were hungry despite from the long queue for Japan Pavilion, so went to buy Burger from KFC! :D

That's a lot of people O.O

Nom Nom Nom burp~
By that time, it's around 5.30pm already.

Tour Guider told us that dinner will be our 'next-thing-to-do'
Crap we just finished a big burger T.T

So I still got eat, but a little only, if not my tummy explode and the whole place will be reddish and everyone will be screaming here and there with me found dead on the table.

After the dinner, we rode on the bus to 东方明珠

Me and Joyce and the tower!

Gah! stupid rotation >:d

Vicky has been welcomed!


We're heading to the top of the tower! Where you can see.....



The beautiful amazing wao wou wei cool scenery of SHANGHAI NIGHT!

I just realised that of how big a city of Shanghai I was staying at.

Been told that EVERYDAY, this tower will have this lot of people visiting, some young couples will date on this tower too, how romantic ei? :D

Suddenly Joyce got very scared and hold the side handle tightly, I wondered what happen. She asked me to look down.

Nah, that doesn't scare me tho :) I'm dare to do anything!

Like this brave little left rotated kid.

Vicky walking on a glass with no protection from the beneath AT ALL. I no scare, I zero scare, I scareless, I Ai Eye Yai ... is daring! X)

So we finished the night tour and brought back to hotel. Hey!! Didn't I promise myself to buy that 'happy lemon' (refer to my previous post) drink?

So we head off from the hotel and walked toward to the night street of Shanghai!

Amazing sky O.O Why is it orange in color??

Mission accomplished!

Next Morning! Hmm, I shouldn't say that the day before is my last day in China, should be the next day weh XD

Breakfast in the hotel restaurant. I simply love the yougurt :)

Joyce put down her fringe that day, she's pretty!

We arrived a place selling 天禄, buddhism stuff.
But surprisingly, the whole tour group are all Christian O.O

The demonstrator asked us to touch the 天禄 in some specific ways,no one is moving but stood still. I don't know if this is so called disrespect or what, but I know that's what the Bible told us not to :)

No OFFENSE by the way!I'm a friendly Vicky.

Then to the Shanghai's OLDEST STREET!

Where old folks or young folks resting by the bench with some old woman learning step dance. I feel the kampungness and an unexplainable comfortable feeling on it.

Big bunch of bamboo plants!

I snapped a picture of this lovely old man, sleeping in a sitting style. His face looks so calm and his mouth is close! My mouth always open when sleeping with saliva dripping by the edge... LOL!

The Shanghai Street

There's alot of people with camera on them, which means most of the people here are tourists like Vicky me! But I can never be the guy below... O.O He is one "outstanding" tourist.

He took picture of a couple, kneeling down in the middle of the road, maybe it's ok for him, but not me. Cause I rather will sit or lie down on the road camwhoring...


Very soon, we entered into the street.

Turn your head to right if you want to see Joyce straight lol!

My eye went BIG when I saw the Dairy Queen on a board not far from me...
Hmm, never expect China got DQ haha ^^

Yeah, that's what I'm talking about, serve that ice cream to me upside down babeh!

Me and Joyce love DQ very much!

Some fried food.

Three pretty girls playing violin on the stage, they're rock!

Lunch time arrived!! Oink Oink Oink <(^oo^)>

Tour guider said this restaurant very special one, he said we gonna discover it soon :D

Now I know why is it special :)


The waiter wear rollerskate to serve us! Some 'roll' in so fast that when they break down, got the "yiiiikkkkkkkkk" sound, like Initial D cool!

Even girl wears it too!

After the Lunch, no more fun, we have to get prepared to reach the airport... :(

Shanghai airport is big enough to fill in around 400,000 vickies in it.

I had a great time in China!


Hey I've deleted lotsa pictures frm this post so you guys will find this post end much faster than the previous 4 posts.

Hmmm, lets get this traveling post to a closing ceremony ei?
I hereby thanks to those who support me in term of finacial on this trip. And thank you to my daddy and mummy who gave me an opportunity to see the outside world. And thank you Joyce for accompnying me camwhore along the trip. Thank you all readers who read the 5 posts of me traveling in China. Thank you for your support, thank you!! *receiving flowers* THANK YOU!! *claps and tears* Thank you!! *song of I My me mine*

click click click click...

Muakz to ya'll ^^

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Caroline Ng May Ling said...

i love ur specs! haha! dat place really loads wit people huh. hehe u n ur fren really geng la those foods so yummy summore!

Kelvin said...

I dun really understand wats the expo is all about, i think its quite lame in fact.

mNhL said...

wow.. queue up for 5 hrs just to see for 1 hrs!!! u r really patience.

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