Excapade Snow Crab Salmon ♣ Drinking DQ

Hey! I've been resting ever since my last blog on the China Trip.
Now back to normal trend lol.

I went to Brunei Excapade the other day with my brother after Sunday church.

Me acting cool, aren't me coolz? :D

My funny lovely brother Eric :)

So this is the Snow Crab Salmon I'm mentioning about, it's the new dish from Brunei Excapade! I google searched for "Snow Crab Salmon Excapade", no one blog about this yet! :P Wahaha. I'm the first one yay.

So what's so special about Snow Crab Salmon?

It is made up of :
Salmon, Snow and Crab.


It's Snow Crab, fish egg, cooked salmon, broccoli, unknown delicious sauce, and something unexplainable!

The portion is enough for one person only, but I shared with brother because we have brotherly and sisterly sharing love :)

Don't puke please.

See that "unexplainable" thing? It tastes like crab meat or some sort of egg white?
Simply vickilicious!

Oh man, I'm thinking of having it once more :/
The pleasant scent of the dish flow into my nostril to the nerve to the brain to my memory card. The taste never be forgotten :)

Eric and the empty shell of Snow Crab :D

So my post title did mention about "Drinking DQ" right?
DQ is well known from it's "serve upside down or it's free!"
If it's watery, how to be served upside down?? That's the problem :(

The same day, we went to buy Dairy Queen, my beloved!! Unfortunately, the assistant didn't serve us the DQ upside down, which mean it will be free as promised!


I had my Green Tea blizzard.

And my brother's Pecan Blizzard.

We know something goes wrong, so don't want to troublesome the assistant.
The blizzards went watery in a very short time.

The melting makes Green Tea Blizzard taste bad :(

As well as brother's, lol!

So he end up...

Drinking DQ blizzard...

That's where the "Drinking DQ" story comes from.

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suituapui said...

Your brother looks like that singer, Victor Wong who used to partner Michael Wong (Huang whatever Liang...). The crab dish looks real good. Expensive? Never mind, Brunei people very rich. Blizzard...??? Wait for my post in a few days - I had an iceberg!!! Hahahahaha!!!

Kelvin said...

Lol, like tat oso can.

Merryn said...

The pic of ur bro n sushi... amazing! How come the sushi looks soooo fat and the filling flowing out wan? :D

I oso want like dat.. shiok!

Vicky 刘宁 said...

suituapui : LOL, i think it's because of the spectacle lol. the crab is around B$7.00 if I can still remember. lol! Well well, im waiting for the iceberg post of yourS!! :D

Kelvin : Memang can one ba.. :/

Merryn : haha, that's the syrup I dunno wat's that, but I feel no regret having it!! :D

Caroline Ng May Ling said...


MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

OMG the F is so delicious and cute and nice and amazing.
F= Food, and the Font on ur pictures =)

I love the cute cute fonts!

dblchin (double chin) said...

The Crab looks so awesome! Is making me wana throw away my lunchbox!

mNhL said...

The snow crab salmon....drooling...I would love to try that dish. Looks so yummy!!!

Isley Chang~ said...

er...i cant view the picture. something wrong?

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