When there's no milk to eat with Honey Star, Vicky...

...eat it with hot milo!!

This morning I found out that there's no milk in the fridge,
so replaced it with hot milo.

And TADA! My home made Honey Star with Hot Milo!
The taste is not bad but ho, got one and only problem.

The Crunchy honey stars get soften and fluffy faster in Hot Milo :(
So I eat very fast cause I love crunching the crunchy Honey Stars...

Then my mom scold me
"Early in the morning eat so fast ha?! Rush to where? The facebook again?!?!"
I haven't answer she kept on nagging at me T.T

Then I eat slowly lo...
In the end, the honey star all soften and fluffy =.="
I eat with a very not-tasty face, not not-suang face ok.

My mom scold me again
"Now what? Try to fight back me with that face la?!"

I was like...


Anyway happy Thursday!


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suituapui said...

That should be nice...honey stars with chocolate. Yuks!!! Your DQ looks yukky...especially after it has melted. Blerk!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

"I" the writer said...

Haahahaha! HonneyStars is best served with cold milk :) Eat raw next time la

mNhL said...

no milk, but why got some white liquid in between of the milo?

Crunchy honey star better taste ya

Isley Chang~ said...

wow. in the early morning kena nagging dy. i cannot tahan 1 leh.

Vicky 刘宁 said...

Sui tua pui : HMPH! Don care you liao, see u in the next post XP

"I" : Eat raw not full la T.T

mNHL : That's coffee mate lol!

Isley Chang : Yealo, nagging to keep my ear healthy wat

Kelvin said...

Mums will always be mums XD

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