Vicky in China ♥ Day 4 ● Shanghai Expo 2010 上海世博会

Hmm, some complaint that my blog post is too long.
Well, in this case, I wanna remind all of my reader that, you will need 15 minutes on this blog post, so please make sure that you have gone to the toilet for shh shh, ate your meal as you don't want you mummy to shout at u for meal ei? :D

15 minutes starts from now...

So I stayed in Shanghai for the 4th and the 5th day of the trip.

As usual, after breakfast, off to Shanghai Expo!

We were dropped down at the bus stop which is specially provided for Shanghai Expo.

Before I continue, you guys have to know that Shanghai Expo 2010's theme is "Better City, Better Life" Wou!

Passengers and tourists trying to squeeze me out from the bus, luckily my chubby face manage to save my life by pushing among the crowds toward the seat. I love you my chubbish.

Within 15 minutes, we arrived the entrance hall, I heard that there are around 10+ entrances in Shanghai Expo. And we're in Gate 2.

Saw some pretty girls and snapped down instantly.

There's a lot of people queuing up. I heard that everyday in Shanghai Expo, there's around the whole population of Brunei visiting the Expo. That's ALOT!

Me and Joyce camwhore during the que.

Ok I hate the rotation, whatever happen to the upload, just turn you head slightly to the right for 45 degree. There you see a man standing up to the pole and recorded a video of the crowd.
I also want but I'm scared :(

Once we got in, we got a map, you can get as many as you want.

Some use it for direction guide purpose.... duh who don't know that?


Some use it for sunblocking purpose haha! My cute tour group ^^

This is my first time to see an escalator to be built outdoor under the sun O.O

Please don't ask me why the unusual rotation. This is the India Pavilion.

I think this is United Arab Emirates Pavilion if I'm not wrong.

Sri Lanka Pavilion.

Very outstanding China Pavilion, it got a very eye-catchy redness and decoration.

Pakistan Pavilion.

Well we didn't get to visit every pavilion, I heard that to visit all of the pavilions, you will need to stay one month in Shanghai. By then I probably be pokai already.

The above picture reminds me of who you know? It's Cheesie the famous blogger again!
LOL, I think they're Japanese O.O

Macau Pavilion! From the top it looks like a jade rabbit lantern, it is wrapped up with glass, how cool is that? Plus the head can move up and down one :D Too bad I didn't visit in tho :/

Hong Kong Pavilion, very unique :) A city with unlimited potential...

Hey look it's us!

Thanks to mummy for the SunGlasses, actually she very sayang this sunglasses one, but because she sayang me more, she lends it to me :)

During the journey in Shanghai Expo 2010, you can take it as a game too.

You can buy a passport! And once you enter into every pavilion, they will provide a chop for you, indicates that you have visited this particular pavilion, and how cool is that again huh?! :D

I love this cute huge figure :D

Me and Joyce, where is she looking at? o.O

Oman Pavilion.

Nepal Pavilion. Heard that the pavilion is in the form of an ancient Buddhist temple in Kathmandu, which is surrounded by taditional Nepalese houses.

We are not allowed to bring water or any liquid into the Expo, so what to do is we bring empty bottle in, they provided the facilities of water refilling machine and selling food and drink within too. Of course got Food and Drink! If not sure we'll die inside from hunger and thirst.

Orange Drink to boost up energy for the following journey :D

No idea what is this pavilion called :S

Ahh proudly intoduce ya'll my Negara's pavilion, Malaysia Pavilion :)
funny thing is... I didn't visit Malaysia Pavilion neither, shame on malaysian me...

Cambodia Pavilion.

Ok our first stop will be

Singapore Pavilion

While queuing up, we bought Ice cream!

While queuing up, I took picture of Philippines Pavilion, didn't have the chance to visit it also :(

While queuing, camwhore for me is a must! Rawr~

Spongebob needs some camwhore too ^^

You will need a fan fan to cool down yourself, especially when you're hot! Yeah, when you are hot!

Entering the Singapore Pavilion.

Me and Joyce tried the Jumper in which you jump according to a tempo given. I'm sucks at tempoish.

From the top view, we can see that Australia Pavilion also got lotsa visitors too.

Err I dunno why I campur the New Zealand photo in here :|

I don't know why but I felt cheated in this. They asked us to use the plastic fan plate (red colour) to gorek the tiny circles on the floor, which obviously is just a light beam, and the circle beam will fall on your plate when you lift it up... yay?

Inside Singapore Pavilion, we also attended in a hall room. I saw Ah Du, Sun Yan Zhi, others I forgot got who already, not in real life btw. On the wall reflected by a projector, singing something about Singapore lol.

After 10 minutes, we were then sent out to the top of the bulding, which is very out of my expectation. Incredible nature design :)

Aww, see how happy Joyce was :)

Me and Joyce, about to leave the Singapore Pavilion building.

We haven't eat our lunch yet!! Gar I'm hungry :< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">
Another Senget photo, I'm not pissed with it :| No I'm not...
Neeway, I ordered famous laksa of Singapore :)

From Singapore Restaurant.

Joyce found a bone in her meal box, which is very "naked" already, like being eaten by someone else and then accidentally threw into her meal box. Well, someone guessed that because the drumstick was overcooked, so the meat was too soft that it peel off by itself.



Will need around 30 minutes for queuing up.

Yay, I'm inside Australia Pavilion nao

I saw decorated wooden sticks, dunno what to do about it until I saw some people put their ear by the wood.

I heard some sort of traditional "ging gong dong dang" music.

See that Koala Bear beneath with a big smile? I found him scary... Because he smiles like Joner, something about "Why so Serious"

Amazing design of undersea water.

Queuing up again for another movie or show.

This pretty Australian woman knows how to speak Chinese O.O Then then, some guys tried to flirt with her, very bad ler :(

In 15 minutes, we're inside the theatre! yay~

Well I can't explain too much here, later people say I revealed too many, no fun for other people who is going to visit Shanghai Expo 2010.

So overall Australia Pavilion is great!

Arh Joyce your hand noooooOOOO

Before moving toward the exit door, lift up your head and you will see lotsa erm.. what that plant which cheats insect and make them come into their mouth named liao a?

Just outside the bulding, I saw robotic kangaroo.
Terminator 12 will be it's movie.

When I took this picture, I saw one guy and one girl. Hmm... ok I'm lame.

Next stop!

Brunei Pavilion lol!
Hmm some readers may know that I'm currently living in Brunei with my parent.
So I can't miss out the chance of visiting it's pavilion right?
I'm sorry, now please stop scolding me of not visiting Malaysia Pavilion :S

2 pictures only tho. LOL!!!!
Because there's not much thing inside XD


Indonesia Pavilion.

Their wall decoration is simply amazing, covered with greenish bamboo sticks.
The use of bamboo for the Indonesia Pavilion symbolizes the synergy between the traditional and contemporary lifestyle of Indonesia. So you will see a lot of bamboo in this bulding.

Indonesia man~ What is in your mind when talking about Indonesia?
Undevelop? Poor? Muddy? Black? Sweaty? Rock?

Well, Indonesia pavilion truly amazed my eye off the ground!

This guy intensively photo bombed my picture!!!

See those bamboo sticks around the hall way?

This structure is built up by rocks O.O I wonder how they did that?

Sooner we finished the visit in 30 minutes!

Even the ground is made up of bamboo sticks what the?

Next stop!!

Cambodia Pavilion.

Hmm, have been explained that this Cambodia Pavilion is focusing more on the 3 periods that is: Angkor Period, Odong Period and Phnom-Penh Period. Which have witnessed the development of Cambodia since its establishment to its modernization today, with rich culture, art, historical relics and abundant natural resources.

Ok fine, I copied and paste the above statement from other website lol!

Joyce with her beloved Korea Pavilion, too bad she can't get to visit it :(

Next Stop!!!

New Zealand Pavilion.

There's people craving on a wooden boat, they have been start craving it from the first day of opening ceremony, guess until now they must have probably finish it already.

One picture for New Zealand only, cause no photo taking is allowed inside.



Joyce was tired.

So am I.

Lol, ain't that cool?!

I walk too much that my leg got bruise :( It's so painful!!

Heading to Leg Massage Centre!


Whosoever visits Shanghai Expo for at least 2 days will get this kinda privilege.
And we Ngam Ngam Ho 2 days haha

Next time for piggy us to have our dinner!

And Joyce was overjoyful by the satisfying dinner!

Street walking and found my Mr. Right.

Shanghai Night.

An entrance to the under ground.

On the under ground shopping complex, I was attracted by the Happy Lemon drinking store. Must try it tomorrow which is my last day in Shanghai. :)

Please stay tune for my last day trip in China, also Shanghai,
as well as Shanghai Expo yea!

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Caroline Ng May Ling said...

whoaaaa!!! so many places! i wonder if u guys not exhausted! n gosh so many pavilions!! ahh foodies!! T.T

suituapui said...

So many people! When I see so many people, my head pening liao lor!!! But very nice. See your photos enough lah! Hahahahaha!!! No Malaysian pavilion kah?

aLiCia said...

I really need 15 minutes to finish reading, lolz~

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