Vicky in China ♥ Day 2 ● 无锡 WuXi

So the sun in China for the second day has arouse and hit me on the butt.

"Ring Ring, it's time for you to wake up my valuable customer"

The hotel I overnight that night was incredible.
No midnight disturbance, no ghost hunting etc!

I love morning shooting. The pleasant air, fresh smell and bird singing :)
Plus a pretty girl like me in the scenery, perfect!


I just can't help myself from snapping pictures of I. See that Joyce's eyes are closing, feeling the cool air through the nostril to the brain to the eye...

You just don't know how great the environment was!

Snapped a few photos of cutey Joyce.
Seriously I can't find any this kinda sceneries in Brunei :/
Because this is China duh =.=

After a morning mini exercise of smiling, it's time for breakfast!

The breakfast was fascinating! Got lots of choices to choose from.

Hmm, of all I love the most will be this green sesame puff.
Only China got this puff ei!

As for dessert I love the YOGURT!

The cool milk yogurt!
I love the unique pudding-like texture of it, high in calcium,
some more very vickilicious, why not enjoying drinking it? :D

In the morning only I realised that there is a big tall building in construction just beside the hotel I lived. Hugely TALL!

The long wall portrait catches our eye, it compromises hundreds of decorated tiles. Just like a huge puzzle.

Ok, I don't know why the above 2 photos of me are looking very noobie. It happened when I suddenly don't know how to smile perfectly. And ends up like above pictures.

So the pretty tour guide came to fetch us to visit 寒山寺.

There's lots of old chinese buildings, which the roofs are curled upward on the tip.

There's one sign board telling us not to step in, because it's a way for the people inside to come out instead. If you step in, some sort of luck or karma or chakara will be turned bad.

Me and Joyce sitting on the bridge wall.

I don't know how to read that, it's too hard for level 1 me to understand that.

I found the natural attributes of the inside and it caught countless visitors every day.

There are so many different groups tour guide that I happened to follow the wrong tour many times O.O So all I have to do is to focus on blue pants blue head band pretty tour guider, her name is 小高.

Next we went to 苏州云岩寺塔, the tower is a bit senget, but from far view, can't see the senget-ness, have to approach to the nearest view, only then you can spot the senget.

On the way, tour guide brought us to a well.

We are allowed to lift up the wooden pail with water.

That's the name of the well, I don't know how to pronounce that XD

And this one, so called the "rock pillow".

I wonder how the olden days people sleep on it? o.O
Wonder my head already so flat, if sleep on that rock,
my head will look like a paper ady.

Next will be followed by beautiful scenery!

We are then brought to a straircase, 小高 told us that there are 53 steps altogether.

By the time you reach to the top, you will see a big bell in front.
Next thing I think of is to bang the bell, but 小高 didn't not ask us to :/

And now we're getting closer to the tower!

And finally we arrived yay!

See that it actually lean to the right a bit?

Sooner we left the tower.

Hey look I'm holding the tower :D

On the way back to the bus, I saw a beautiful bamboo park, while snapping a picture of it, a kid suddenly jumped out from nowhere, and this is what I got :(


Photo Bomber T.T

Hot and humid day of trip,
I bought 王老吉 drink which got the effect of cooling down the heat in the body :)

This photo is taken when we were in the silk industry,
where they sell all of the silk-made product.


Never miss out the pork and singing lady. This time plus a man o.o
They sing well tho.

After the meal, the driver fetched us to 狮子林.


Inside the bulding :

A rock with err, more than 20+ lions (or tigers?)
I only can spot 2 lions only =.=

Then 小高 lead us to a rock cave,
looks small but we need 10 minutes to finish up the path O.O

Lol, after the maze walking. We're going to the next stop.
小高 stopped tour guide us, when we're leaving to 无锡.


Heard 小马, the 无锡 tour guider,
that 三国城 is a place used for filming Chinese olden movies.

Familiar scene right? I think I saw this scene in the 黄珠格格 movie O.O

There is a man or a kid standing outside the door, like a guard. 小马 told us that he is free to take photo with, what's next? You pull my hair I pull ur hair, a war of taking photo with that kid.

And Joyce won the war, curiously, everytime when we snap a photo of that guard,
he closes his eye, shy shy one XD

Then we went inside.

They offer photo taking with suits on too. Around RM10 each person.
I was about to take the photo, but Joyce was too shy. So I end up shy too lol!
In the end, no photo taken.

Then I started to hit the point for toilet to release "everything unecessary"
Been told by my parent who have went to China few years back, that the China toilet not as good as our home toilet, they probably don't have door, or lock, or flush, or something worst.

By the time I reached the spot, it was not that bad :) At least I expect the worst...

It got door yay, it got lock yay.. but the problem is, there is no toilet bowl...

And flush.


It's something look like a prettier longkang without flush, everyone share the same one longkang but good thing that we can't see each other :)

Next 小马 lead us to a big field, where she told us that this is the place they going to held a small drama of chinese soldier on horse on war.

Qiang Qiang Qiang, RAWR!

The drama was amazing, exactly like in the movie!
They are good in performing martial skills, especially with the horse!

Then we went to nearby old building.

Then to 刘备洞房, shy shy ^^"

Me and Joyce: "WAO"

Then we went to the big river lake!
Where the filming on water war took place too.

We ride on a chinese war ship.
I expect something very old, but it turned up the other way.

It provides steel made chair for the visitors and a stage in front for performance as entertainment.

A whole afternoon of walking and snapping, tummy also cried for food.


To a thai restaurant.

The welcomers are so friendly and cheerful.

They even invited us for a dance, and ngam ngam ho chosen me and Joyce LOL

I enjoyed the dinner a lot!

Then after dinner, we went to shop for a little while before we head to the hotel.

Please stay tune for the 3rd day of Vicky in China :)

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suituapui said...

The green sesame thingy - I had that before at Sheraton here in Sibu. Dunno same or not... LOL @ the toilet!!! Very good need to waste money one expensive toilet fittings! The food all looks nice...and you're looking good too! But Thai food in China...? Should go to Thailand for that.

Kelvin said...

So many photos @_@

Looks like u are having lots of fun^^

"I" the writer said...

OMG the toilet! Anyway nice review on China :) You sure you were not on the set of Karate Kid hahaha!

aLiCia said...

China is simply awesome!!!!
The scenery....
U sure have lots of fun...
N I like the pretty longkang...
but will it be a bit disgusting when u saw any yellow stuff flow through underneath from next door??? :P

Merryn said...

I like the stone smiley :D

Got an award for ya. Go grab it when you free ok?

Isley Chang~ said...

can't wait for the 3rd day post. this one a lot interesting things about it~

Anonymous said...

I love the scenery..It's so beautiful.. :)

Alfieeeeee said...

what a looooooooooooooooooooooong post, vicky! lolz.
so many nice dishes. were they any nice?

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