Vicky in China ♥ Day 1 ● 苏州 Su Zhou

So as I said in the previous post, I went to China last week!
Seriously, I never went to that far from my hometown Malaysia before.
The furthest of overseas vacation was Singapore lol!
This is so called the cow going to the city.


So yeah, this is my first time in Brunei International Airport too.
They got Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf,
golden lobby and bathroom for those who are on transit mode.

Ok err, I have no idea why is it senget. It rotated itself as soon as I upload it.
This is Brunei Aircraft 767 by the way.

And you can see a very big Brunei flag sign (Coat of Arm of Brunei)
at the end of the plane.

The plane provides facilities like blanket and headset. Very good service.

Vicky loves snack, peanuts and drinks are sincerely delivered just in front of you by pretty air stewardess. How can it not be heavenly wonderful ei? :D

For long journey, meals will be provided too, I had lunch that mid noon.
The air stewardess asked : "Beef or chicken?"
Vicky thinks :"Crap, both I don't like, why no fish one"
Vicky answered :"Err... Chicken please"

So I had a great time in the plane:
Watch movie
Eat meal
Eat snack
Chit Chat
Admire air stewardess

Everything good comes to an end after 4.30hours
AWWwww, bye bye food drink and pretty jie jie.

Amazingly, the airport of Shanghai is so big that can fill up to billions or zillions of Vickies inside there.

The Airport of Shanghai.

This is me and Joyce.
I was so excited that time, for Joyce I think she get used of overseas trip,
that explains her expression --> =_=

My parent told me that in Shanghai is to 看人头, because there's so many people that you can get lost anytime if you lost track of your parent for in just 2 minutes.

Mini restaurant in the Shanghai airport.

On the way I saw one lady wearing Japanese now newest trend of fashion outfit.

She makes me think of Cheesie aka Ringo, a famous blogger.

Waiting for tourist bus, I wonder how out tour guide will look like :D

Hmm, I forgot her name, but I remember she's wearing red pants.

Soon the bus departed, I was like, O.O looking outside the window.

I realized that the motorist didn't wear helmet at all, until the tour guide explained to us that that vehicle is not motorcycle but an electric cycle; it uses battery to run. And this is to improve the cycle of keeping the nature clean and safe.

The tour guide brought us to dinner.


One and only thing I don't like from this meal is the pork, no offense by the way.
Cause I'm an anti-pork XD LOL

10 dishes for one dinner, how was that? I'm full to the max!

Right after the satisfying dinner, we were brought to the night market of Shanghai.

On the way of shopping, I saw Hush Puppies! I was like, oh my oh my, this is China Hush Puppies! For those who don't understand why am I so exciting about it, it's because I worked part-time in Hush Puppies Apparel Sibu before for 2 years and now I miss them very much. I ask the assistant if the soft toys are meant for sale, sadly she said no :(

Somehow the Hush Puppies dog looks a bit weird if compare
to the one in Sibu Hush Puppies. Hmmm :/

Along the street I saw this black toufu too. 苏州黑豆腐, heard that it's delicious.

Another senget picture, what happen ha?

We stopped by a Drink Store called Coco drink.

Love it! Taste just like Kokoberry ^^

On the way back to the destination where we will depart together...

Something smell funny attracts me somehow irritates me in some funny way.
Then got people screams :"臭豆腐,又香又好吃,吃了一条还要一条"
This toufu smells like shit.
Ok if better said, smell like sewerage tank, ie. more shits.

@.@" Pengsan

We were given one hour time to shop around the streets.

Then we went to Su Yuan Hotel for the first night.
The bulding is amazingly amazing.
China is no longer of what we always thought of, it changed, BIG CHANGED!

Another bulding beside the hotel under construction.

Whole day of outdoor activites, we're both tired.

Right when Joyce and I reached the hotel room. First thing first!


Jump onto the bed!!! LOL

Well, this is day 1 of my china trip.
4 more days to go!

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"I" the writer said...

The food looks freakin' good!!! Hungry!!!

Isley Chang~ said...

WALAO~ You went To SHanghai! oh shoot.. i'm so jealous~. All those food~~ argh....

Kelvin said...

Wow, u went alone with ur friend?

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

whoaa ddint bring me aye!! lol joking.btw, u went thr with ur fren only??? seriously the food damn nice!! i love pork!!! pork lover!! hahahaha XD

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