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Marvel Movie - Iron Man 2 Movie Review

The American Super hero film directed by
Jon Favreau

Iron man 1 and 2 originally come from the Comics version

Characters of Iron Man 2 :

Tony Stark (Real Name : Robert John Downey)
Who is 5 years younger than my mother.
By the way, his upcoming movie is "Due date"

Then followed by the bad guy :

Ivan Vanko (Real name : Mickey Rourke)
Who is 8 years older than my mother.
Believe not? He was a professional boxer in the early year 1990, the year I was born to this this world. And won 2009 Golden Globe award and a BAFTA award, he really can box O.O

Tony Stark's Personal Assistant :

Pepper Potts ( Real Name : Gwyneth Paltrow)
38 years old American actress, she looks like 20+, how she handle her look so well O.O

Tony Stark's Best Friend Forever :

Lt. Colonel James "Rhodey" Rhodes (Real Name : Don Cheadle)
As Iron Man's future armor-clad hero War Machine, rawr~
His upcoming film "Transformer 3" !! XD

Next will be Stark's new assistant :

Sexy and stunning Girl, her name is Natalie Rushman (Real name : Scarlett Johansson)
An American Singer and Actress

Next will be the another bad guy :

Justin Hammer (Real name : Sam Rockwell) He rocks well :)

The Nick FURY!

Real name : Samuel L. Jackson, he is one of my favourite actor XD
By the way, he really looks like the Ultimate Nick Fury O.O
Round Baldness, Choco black, everything almost the same!
Put the eye patch on, 100% likeness!

The director of Iron Man 2 himself got the act too!

The Middle one, he acts as the Happy Hogan.
Happy Hogan was a boxer who loses in fights, he was hired by Stark because he saved Stark's life in the Tales of Suspense, then mutated into a freak giant, then brought by Stark into his own lab. Then something happened, Hogan carried Pepper Potts away.. bla bla aka very long story and end up here as Stark's body guard :D

The above are the main characters.

Now is the small Characters like...
Tony's father!

Howard Stark (Founder of Stark Industries)

Garry Shandling as Senator Stern, guess what? He's a comedian actor before :D
Especially in the stand up performance "The Tonight show with Johnny Carson"
I prefer his older look, more man, haha!
He wants Tony to give out the Iron Man's Armour to the Government, bad :(

I know no one care about this but..
Someone please take concern on Stark's Computer (JARVIS) T.T
It can talk.

This guy named Paul Bettany, Jarvis's voice over.

Movie Review:

Comparing to Iron man in Part 1, Iron Man in Part 2
is not quite as surprising and fun as it was, but still it delivers great humor and action. But still I prefer the first Iron Man :/

For Iron Man Part 2 movie, this time the bad guy will be Ivan Vanko was ordered by his father who is going to die, revenge on the Iron Man! So he gets the blue prints from his father and started to build his own Arc reactor.

6 months later...

The U.S. Government lead by Senator Stern, is upset with Tony because of him having a private citizen loaded with weaponry intervening overseas on behalf of the country, they want the Iron Man technology turned over to the military. And of course, Tony Stark refuses.

This puts Tony on the opposite side of the equation with his best friend forever James Rhodes who believes that sharing the technology with the military would lower the risks of having to depend on just one man.

Rhodes at the conference room

Another wealthy bad guy, Stark Industries' rival, Justin Hammer who is the weapons manufacturer, and who is trying and failing at making weaponized armoured suits, is jealous of Tony's Iron Man Technology and also Tony himself.


But even worse thing happens when Stark is slowly dying from the poison of palladium that powers the miniature arc reactor in his chest, raising the toxic level in his blood. He tried everything but nothing could help.

He then appoints his former personal assistant aka Pepper Potts as the
CEO of the Stark Industries.

And hires one called Natalie Rushman to replace Pepper Potts' previous position.

She's a spy from S.H.I.E.L.D.

A scene caught my attention when Tony race Formula 1 car at the Monaco Racing place, Ivan Vanko attacks Tony!

Only then Tony discovered that Ivan is the son of the physicist Anton Vanko who had wanted his son to take revenge on the Stark family. Ivan caught to the jail, but sooner, he breaks out of the jail with the help of Justin Hammer who wants to take every possible chance to seek revenge on Tony. To put Ivan back to Fashioning line of "Hammer Battle Suits" and upstage Tony at his own Expo. Ivan convert these battle suits into "DRONES" by replacing the helmet with drone heads.

Ok, this is the soft toy version lol... That human toy in the middle is the bad guy Hammer!

Justin Hammer on the act.

Then Tony thought that he's gonna die apart from the toxic in his blood, so he take his birthday as the "LAST BIRTHDAY". He wears his Iron Man Mark IV armor as he gets drunk, putting the people who attend his party and himself in danger. So Tony's best friend forever, "Rhodey" Rhodes, got no choice but to wear the Mark II armor and stops him.

Mark II armor is a shiny grey armour that hurts my eye everytime when I look at it.


Which then he confiscated the armour to the military.

Then Nick Fury takes the act, he reveals Tony about his father being the founding member of S.H.I.E.L.D. and gives Tony his father's old artifacts, thus finishing his father's last step on Arc technology process.

And of course, Tony discovered the message that his father tried to deliver to him on the old film his father made for him when Tony was still a kid, he disguised diagram for the atomic structure of a new element.

So so, with the help of his computer the JARVIS, Tony build the particle accelerator and comes out with the newly synthesised element, triangle in shape, before is circle right? :D It successfully cures Tony's chest poisoning too!

Arc Reactor chest piece Upgraded! yay.

Upgraded to this :

See the chest piece on him? :)

Now he is ready to get back to ACTION! Go go Mark VI armor!

At the Stark Expo, Hammer unveils his proudly made military drones, Rhodey Rhodes is there too wearing the Mark II armor (heavily weaponized)

But Ivan takes all the control on the Expo Drones, including Rhodey's Armour.

Weaponized Mark || Armour

He's like playing Gundam game, controlling the Drones hunting down Tony. Meanwhile, the Happy Hogan and Natasha are rushing to Hammer's place to stop Ivan. There's some laugh point on this, Happy Hogan is trying so hard to beat up one enemy, yet Natasha defeats all of the rest of them like in one go. LOL! XD


The next exciting scene comes to the Japanese Garden, where sakura keeps on falling with light wind blows over the air and the flow of river is rather cool and calm :) Where Tony and his best friend forever Rhodey meet each other.

All of the sudden here comes the controlled enemies, the Drones. Then the Ivan in a powerful suit of Armour arrives, shortly but intensively, the two defeat Ivan yay.
The bad guy is dead.

But the battle between the Iron Man and Whiplash is like a blink of eye, don't blink your eye cause you might just miss it out XD

Overall: Iron Man 2 is not as good as its predecessor, but it is still worth watching ;)
Rating:/ 10 Popcorns


3 Cicles!:

CaIrN said...

Nice review. Keep up the good work :P

Isley Chang~ said...

i will give 8 popcorns out of 10 popcorns~

Warren Woodhouse said...

I agree, it is the best film I have seen so far; but the first film still gets a 10/10 aswell. you do know the guy who made the music for the first film DIDN'T make the music for the second film? Ramin Djawadi (german composer) made the guitar-drivin' music for IronMan (1st film) and he also made the theme song for PrisonBreak.

S.H.I.E.L.D. is a defence company (fake, actually it's part of the MARVEL universe... this is where all the characters are part of SHIELD), basically they hire superheros or people associated with special powers and allow them to be paid (or, by any other means, help them in health or living enviroments), they hire superheros to help save sections of the planet from being destroyed or taken over by evil villians. :D

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