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Kaiji Movie is a Japanese movie, Brunei The Mall Cineplex seldom show japanese movie. So kinda attract Vicky's attention. Directed by Toya Sato.

Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji -
Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji
Manga comes first then the Anime then the Movie...

Characters of the Kaiji Movie:

The main character of Kaiji Movie is
Tatsuya Fujiwara.
He got one cute smile ever! Because of his teeth :D
He also starring the Death Note 1 & 2 in 2006 as
Light Yagami
which was quite famous after then.

Next will be
Ken'ichi Matsuyama

To the surprise, he is also one of the main character in Death Note movies :D


Both the characters are from Death Note

They are one good partner

Kaiji, a 26 years old job-hopping bum who finds himself riddled in debt after a shadowy loan company, Rinko Endo the only woman character
as debt collector in the movie...

Yeap, she's almost 40...

Anyway, she informs him that he is responsible for a loan taken by his friend, who has gone missing and whom he casually co-signed as a loan guarantor for! Gosh, what a good friend Kaiji has there :/

The company gives Kaiji the only solution, that is to take a short journey on the "Espoir", a ship where other debtors (all male no female :X) like himself gamble to pay off their debt, meanwhile try to strike it rich. Rules of the gambling games seem simple at first, the Janken (剪刀石头布) rule of playing the card.

But there is so much more than meets the eye...

Kaiji almost got the chance to the winning door, because of his companion who'd forgotten about the last card left on his pocket, Kaiji shows his man of the hood without any further hesitation! Together they both go to the underground to work as hard labour for the Teiai loan company. The place is like hell, they receive little pay and that they spend it on beer and
yakitori, which means, the blood and sweat they dripped for the whole month gone to nothing at last.

A few scenes captured when they work on the underground,
it's very suffering ya know? T.T

The obvious mark on kaiji's shoulder is something about the sign or symbol as a labour of the loan company. Well, things are not that simple, before they chop the sign, something is being injected into the arm, that is the heart beat sensor thingy where the bad guy of the Kaiji movie can see through his modern watch.

Later show you all his bad face.

This scene is captured when they are being told that they have to pay for their medical with their own salary too! The company really so harsh! >:( So sad.

Well, there is one and only way to get out of this hell place. That is to challenge the bloody

That's the most exciting part of the whole movie for me, something like fear factor O.O
Ok I can't get any scenes from the website T.T All I can do is explain haha...

First thing you have to know is


Imagine 2 tall skyscrapers AT NIGHT TIME, in between these 2 buldings,
put a narrow beam, very narrow I said,
that it's not enough for you to put 2 feet together,
instead, you have to ... like this :


Overall is something like this :

Ok, maybe the route is not that narrow lol.

Luckily I'm not Acrophobia, Altophobia, Hypsiphobia and Hyposophobia
In other word, afraid of height.

So there are around 10 + brave men to challenge this Brave Men Road. Just by writing won't fully describe out the level of tension in this scene. You have to watch them yourself!
It’s truly amazing, terrifying and screamy.
I am completely drawn into the brave men’s decision-making process like, to cross or not to cross. If you choose not to cross, you will go back to the hell place. At last all of them follow as Kaiji says yes. I realised that the people works on the underground likes to follow people's decision one,
like 1 go, 3 follow, then 5, then 10 then all of them =.=

Anime version of Kaiji crossing the beam.

You are too focus on the movie that you will be deciding

"If it is me, I definitely will cross over"

"Gosh, if I cross over surely my pants will get wet! Luckily it's raining, phew"

Imagine yourself in the movie is the most exciting part.

Ok, some additional to the imagination,
Kaiji is crossing over the beam with electric connected by the both sides of the beam,
so you can't squat down and hold it, if not, you will be bengkang-ed and fell off to the ground like how watermelon cracks.
More additional thingy! Windy and stormy and rainy accompanying Kaiji and the rest when crossing over the beam. How is that fun?!

I can't imagine more T.T

After all the
Ahhhh!!! He's falling down, Ahh!! another one! Fast move one move on!"

Here comes the Bad guy of the Kaiji Movie,
Tokyo Sonata (Real name: Teruyuki Kagawa)

On the last part of the movie, he plays the E-card game with Kaiji.

Ok, suppose the Kaiji can win his freedom but his companion (who died when crossing the brave men road) asks a favour from him that he can take the 10 million to his daughter who is living in the life of her father's debt.
The bad guy said after deducting all the debts plus the freaking scary interest rate (which they count on every minute), Kaiji only left 400,000 + which is not enough at all. So the old man with white beard aka the boss of the Teiai company (the old man on the poster, above kaiji's head), offer him a chance, that is playing E-card with Tokyo Sonata aka the bad guy.

If Kaiji wins, he will take away 200 million Japanese Dollar


If he loses, he will go back again with to the underground and work for
another 130 years, obviously.... ----> till D.e.a.t.h..

The game is easily explained and understood.

There got 3 types of card altogether.
1 emperor, 1 slave, 8 citizens

You can choose either Emperor Deck or Slave Deck.

Emperor Deck:
Emperor beats any 4 citizens.
Any 4 Citizens beats a Slave.
Slave beats Emperor.
Odds: 4:1

Slave Deck:
Slave beats Emperor.
Citizens makes draws with any Citizens.
Emperor beats any Citizens.
Odds: 1:4

Surprisingly, Kaiji choose the harsh one, the slave deck.

In between, the process is really brain-storming, and oh ya, that is when Tokyo Sonata the bad guy uses his very modern watch to detect Kaiji's heart beat which is useful for him, hmm, how to explain ler? Some kind of Psychological theory.

Something look like this watch,
the most look-alike watch in the web so far I can search.

But with Kaiji's ultimate power of gambling, he beats the bad guy's brain :)
Just by hitting the mirror. And mess up the bad guy's heart beat sensor.

Sorry but another anime version of Kaiji after he hits the mirror ^^"

Oh I found one!



He looks crazy but like what Alice in the Wonderland said so :
"All brilliant people are crazy" HAHA!

The biggest moral for Kaiji in this time incident is
He learns of how to live a better life.


So that is why Brunei The Mall Cineplex release the Kaiji Movie :)

By the way...

A companion of a warm drink and a popcorn
will make your movie taste better!

Vicky says de XD


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~Pinkie~ said...

nice review~~!! too bad uk here not showing.. m gonna buy dvd when i go back n watch~!! hehe. :)

kenwooi said...

it resembles more to death note.. haha =)

Vicky 刘宁 said...

to pinkie : i am so sure that u wont regret ^^

to kenwooi : wou, i haven watch any of the death note movies yet XD only anime haha

Isley Chang~ said...


your review is very detail. so good. haha

anyway,thanks for drop by~ Your blog is nice :-).

pilocarpine said...

death note still way, way, way better..

Vicky 刘宁 said...

to Isley : lol thanks thanks! :D

to pilocarpine : Hmm, yeah XD I think death note better ler

Anonymous said...

The best thing is that even Endou was originally a male character :D Absolutely no women in Fukumoto anime.

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