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I went to Brunei Excapade at Kiulap again :D

Well not gonna kepo for this post, introduce food onie XD
For those who live in Miri or Bintulu or Sibu or Sarikei or Kuching
Come to Brunei eat Sushi confirm you no regret at all!

Everytime before you talk or order or wandering around,
we will begin with preparing Wasabi first!! Vicky's culture of eating sushi haha!

Red ginger if you want :)

For the following pictures, let the food makes the talk ...

Chuka Itako

Mini California Special

Unagi Hama Maki

Nama Kani Maki

Kani Salad Sushi

Inari Soft Shell Crab


It's not shake head that shake, it's Shaaaa Kee...


Crazy Roll Maki

Curry Tofu Age

Salmon Asparagus

Vanilla Ice Cream Tempura

Enoki Hotat Butter Yaki

How can I remember all the names ei? XD


Copy and paste to japanese english translation if you don't understand :D


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kenwooi said...

like the photos, they are well-presented.. making me a little hungry too.. =)

Vicky 刘宁 said...

lol, thanks :) so i hope it can inspire u to come brunei XD

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