Spongky ♥ Haitai Edo Cracker

Spongebob had be so lonely ever since I brought him home.
Sometime he grows mold, algae or even fungi just because he is very moody.

I can't be that hard-hearted! :(

So I brought him a friend :D

Mister Kokocrunch Yay and hooray!

Spongebob got so happy that he laughes like a AK47 machine gun almost everyday.

I'm happy to see spongebob happy...

One day...

When the sky is blinking like a crystal ball as usual
(Vicky's day dreaming)

Spongebob popped from nowhere and scared me with a


I "Ah!!"

Then we "hahaha"

Spongebob introduced me a cracker named...

The Haitai Edo Cracker!
I was so amused by the bright light behind.

Spongebob showed me the cracker pack. Onion flavoured!
He said that Haitai comes from Korea
Got 63 years of history liao..

Spongebob said that this cracker is less oily than any other crackers!

Pimplephobia no more worries yay!

Less salty --> Water-retentionalphobia no more worries yay!

Less sweet ---> Sweeterphobia no more worries yay!

Spongebob said that, although the cracker so many less thingy...
It gives high energy!

Especially for the hunger

Testimonial :

Once there lived a poor thin hungry girl...

She is very weak that she lied under the table for few days
until one day....


Vicky found her.....

Vicky slowly hold the girl up and gave her a warm hug.

Vicky took out the Haitai Edo Cracker Onion flavoured
and put one piece into the girl's mouth...

She nom-ed nom-ed slowly and then getting faster bite by bite.

She ate 12 pieces of Edo crackers and..


In the next second after she nom-ed all 12 pieces of crackers...

She stood up! PEOPLE!!
SHE STOOD UP and SMILED the sweetest smile at me..

I cried with tears rolling down my cheek to the chin and drip onto the floor with splashes T.T
This is the most amazing miracle I've ever seen in my laif T.T

Can you people feel the miracle, can chu??

Thanks to the Spongebob T.T

Not only that!

You thought that is all for the story huh?!


2nd testimonial aka last testimonial :

Once there lived a very book-worm girl named Spongky...
She always study here and there until one day she got sick of it!
She feels bored to the max!

Then in no time out of nowhere, spongebob "blink blink blink"

Poof-ed in front of Spongky!

Vicky got surprised!

And she mmmmMMMM.....

And she ErmmmMMMM....

And she AaaaahhHHHHH

Spongebob understood her and walked towards Spongky...

And he walks and walks and walks


And he walks.....

Till he reaches Spongky's mouth

Wihout any hand movement,
Spongky nibbled one piece of cracker from Spongebob's head!

And she nom NOM NOM loudly...

She nibbled one after another..


Spongebob shouted : "STOP!!!!!!"

Spongky powered up her innocent eye and asks :

What happen spongebob?? :(

Spongebob said that this is the....



Spongky said "who cares?! I can go buy another one!"
She grabbed spongebob on the hand and tortured him said :

"Tell me where you buy the Edo Cracker or I'll eat u up together with the last piece!"


Nah, Spongky not so bad la... Spongebob is her best friend

She won't do that :)

They are best friend all the time ...

Together they fight for Hunger....

Together they sail the friend ship to the end of the world...

-The End-

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