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As a Chinese Blogger, I must blog about the movie review on IP Man 2 Movie which is a Chinese Martial Art Film (叶问2:宗师传奇), starring :

Donnie Yen the Main Character as Yip Man

To be honest, he is really a highly skilled artist and sole practitioner of Wing Chun Martial Arts.
So don't hesitate whether his kung fu skill in the movie is real or not.
His mother Bow Sim Mark is a sifu who lives in Newton, USA. Donnie starts learning tai chi from the age of 4 from his mother and that explains everything of why he is so talented in martial arts :D

Next will be Yip Man's wife Cheung Wing-sing (張永成):

He real name is Lynn Xiong Dailin (熊黛林) A model actress,
who is slightly taller in height than Yip Man aka Donnie, XD.

This sure most of us know him, who is a Hong Kong actor, martial artist, director and producer!

He plays in the Ip man 2 Movie as Master Hung Chun-nam (洪震南)

Then one of Yip Man's friend Chow Ching-chuen:

Played by Simon Yam Tat Wah, only got a few scenes of him in Ip man 2,
Chow Ching-chuen who suffers brain damaged and becomes beggar in Hong Kong.

Jin Shanzhao (金山找), ex-martial artist in the movie:

His real name is Louis Fan (樊少皇)
Son of Kung Fu film actor Fan Mei-Sheng,
no wonder, these people really can perform martial arts O.O wou~

Wong Leung (黃梁), handsome young student of Master Yip :

Real name : Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明),
one talented guy too, actor, model and singer.

Next, everyone also know one I bet, the Fatso :

Real name : Kent Cheng (鄭則士). He is kinda famous in the act of 肥猫 :P
Wonder if anyone of you know? o.O

Leung Kan (梁根) played by Pierre Ngo (敖嘉年)
In the movie, he is the chief editor of the news agency. His father is the village mate of Yip Man.

And last but not least, the British Boxer Twister :

He is an Iranian-British Actor. Guess what? He went to Malaysia before ^.^
Now staying in Hong Kong continues his career.

The Movie:

Continues from the Predecessor, Yip Man and his family move to Hong Kong for a better living. To earn a living, Master Yip start a Wing Chun School and his first student, Wong Leung, brought more and more student to Master Yip.

One day, Master Yip is hanging on the street where he finds his old friend, Chow Ching-chuen. Chow can't remember anything because of the brain damage caused by the Japanese Army, ends up as a beggar on the street, stealing or robbing people's left over food. Master Yip thus helps Kong-Yiu to find a job for him which is in the Newspaper agency run by Leung Kan.

Then Wong Leung got into trouble because of fighting with the Hung Ga student for the leaflet promoting on Wing Chun School. The Hung Ga student bring Wong Leung back to their own territory, asking Master Yip to bring money in exchange of Wong Leung his student.

Of course, Master Yip goes to their territory but without money, ends up fighting with the Hun Ga student. From this fight, I find that Master Yip don't kill people, when he takes the 2 knives, he's using the back instead of the front pointed to slap the people lol!

Then Jin Shanzhao came with his groups for rescue when sooner the Master Hung, the master of Hung Ga School comes too!

Jing Shazhao in the middle.

Master Hung and Yip Man face to face.

And there is Fatso, the police officer working under Superintendent Wallace in the force.

Haha, this one is backstage of the movie when the assistant helps Fatso to tidy up his hair XD

So Yip Man, Wong Leung and Jing Shazhao are caught into the jail. Yip Man's pregnant wife bails him out soon after she learns that her husband is in the jail.

Master Hung tells Yip Man that in order to set up his own school, he has to fight with any other martial arts masters. Yip Man made it with a draw with Master Hung.

One of the masters, funny eye blink blink monkey martial arts master =.="

When fighting with Master Hung, Yip Man shows his continuous combo punch!
Like like, the kicks of Chun Li on the Street Fighters LOL.

Master Hung and Master Yip get along better after a talk about one's family and beliefs.
Master Hung then invites Yip Man and his student to the boxing competition held by the British. Wallace, is really a bad police force, he refuses to pay Master Hung for helping him to set up the boxing location, more over, the superintendent calls Master Hung "THE YELLOW PIECE OF FAT" He is sooooooooo BAD! to the MAX!

The British Champion Boxer, Twister, looks down on the Chinese Martial Arts and insults that the chinese kung fu the student performed is like a dance.

Master Hung got fed up and declare a fight with Twister. He don't want the foreigners to look down on them.
Something like that is what he says, to prove the Chinese honor and spirit.
But unfortunetly, Master Hung was beaten to death by the ultimate non-symphaty punches of Twister. Master Yip can do nothing but watches helplessly.

At the press conference room, Twister announces that he will accept fight from any chinese who has the gut to stand up and beat him. He even says confidently, he will kill all of the challengers before the fire stick finishes.

Now this time the fire lit up Yip Man's head, he then declares a fight with Twister face to face at the conference room, to uphold the Chinese's honor and pride.

Yip Man sends his wife Wing Sing off temporarily, as he wants to train himself for the upcoming competition which is few days later. The whole town encourage Yip Man so to beat Twister down.

The big Part!

Yip Man evenly matched with boxer Twister like master Hung, cause Twister is a lot tougher and stronger than Yip Man thought. Master Yip beats Twister with a few kicks, the judges then disallow Yip Man to use kicks during the fight. He got severe punches from Twister. Then then on the most exciting moment, Master Yip found a way to defeat Twister by heating his weak points. Finally after a few combo continuous punches, Twister finally been defeated.

The Most Memorable Quote of Ip Man

"Although People have different statuses in life, everybody have the same dignity"

We have to respect for each other no matter how, and this is what the martial arts are concerning to, to uphold the honor and spirit...

I'm proud to be a Chinese


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Kelvin said...

Sammo Hong is actually the one tat made me watch this movie. He is the most active fatties around XD

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

i love this movie too!! nice! :D

Isley Chang~ said...

Sammo Hong character got beaten to death? that's sad... :-(

btw, no little Bruce Lee ar in this movie ar? haha

CaIrN said...

Nice blog again :) so many pics lol... yea you missed out the little bruce lee :P

CaIrN said...

btw, no more popcorn? :(

Anonymous said...

yo this movie was so sad =(

It was very patriotic and emotionally charged.

I was ready to kill all the white people in the movie. Some parts really pissed me off and I wished Sammo killed the white guy. At the end I wished Donnie killed the white guy and I was hoping Kent Cheng use his Once Upon A Time in China moves on the white police guy.

And at the end when the real Bruce Lee and Ip Man biography came up, I was so sad I cried

Ghanim said...

Ghanim From Kuwait,,,
Great movie i enjoyed so much while im watching and i were really glad that the story came from a real KungFu master and he were the trainer of Bruce Lee.
Thanks Sweetheart.

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