Vicky Hangie with Elik and the Family ♥!!

For few days I haven’t been blog about my life, except for the movie reviews lol! Sowee~

Plus I've been away to Sibu last few days, am back nao yay.

Last last Sunday, my brother promised me to bring me out for a movie :)

We went to The Mall to check whether there is ticket for Iron Man 2 anot, got but the tickets are available for very very front seat only :(

So we turn up to Kiulap Mall, before that, my brother bought me crepe! XD Long long time didn’t touch crepe already, like.. ages ago O.O

Me so Happy yay~

This is the view of Golden Mosque of Brunei during the day..
You can't imagine how pretty is it during night time wahaha, it's not funny.

So we arrive at Kiulap Mall and praying for available ticket, so there is!
5.30pm which we have to wait for another 2.30hours T.T

So brother bring me to the Jolibee in order to kill the time.

And increase my fats... The Cheezy Fries X.X So deadly fatty.

Neehow, never try that before, it is extrafreakinglutely vickilicious!!

This is Mister Elik my brother, his smile looks like the smile of Ip Man here,
don't chu think? o.O"

Hey look, it's the fat looking ducky

Sorry but I have to emphasize that...

The Cheezy Fries is nothing but a miracle finger lickingly delicious, the scent of cheese combining the taste of fries, nothing can be more delicious than that (just borrowing some space of Vsoy) No worries, I still love VSOY!

Haihou Jolly Cheezy Fries!!

My wooden spec loves it too!
Ok, that is nonsense!

I was playing with my phone when my brother picked up my camera and shows off his skill of photography on me.

Well, I showed him back mine. U see That?! Huh?! Big finger ler...
A big hand about to poke his face, how is that? Huah?!

*back to polite act*

Well the movie is great! I've posted the movie review about Iron Man 2, you can see it


After Movie, my brother and I met up parent at....

The Ice Bar and Cafe of Brunei, aka Shabu Shabu.
Last time we actually had already planned to go there already, but ho, fully booked, sad man~

The environment of Ice Bar and Cafe is very fascinating, although it is a steamboat restaurant, it does not contain smoky air and smell, thumb up for this part :)

Almost everyday got many people, you have to book every time before you come.
To avoid come and go back with empty tummy.

Mister Elik likes the place so much that he asked me to take a handsome photo of him.

This is the set of plate prepared for you before ordering, ya know wat?
See that red bowl at the back? At first ho, I thought it is use for eating purpose.

I was like, took it before me and followed by the chopstick,
laid out my tongue and said
"Mmmm, I wanna order nao!"

Then my brother said
"Err Bicky, that red bowl is used for throwing rubbish"

I kept silent with a "=.=" face, while putting back the red bowl to place.

This is the controller, to control the heat power.

This big hole is used for placing the stainless steel bowl on it.

Why am I treating the readers as stupid?! Telling all the common sense thingy T.T
Ok from nao on, I assume every readers of Vicky's Circle as Genius, no more explaining.

The menu book!

Attracting Pictures, tempting you to order them, come come order me~
Come come my ladeh~

I'm so excited that I laughed and smiled and giggled scarily, my brother decided to take a photo of the stupid looking Bicky..

He said
"Bicky, look here"

I turned toward him and ask
"Ha? What? huhuhu (Still laughing)"



And here's the outcome.

The waitress will ask you whether you want mee or rice.

For me, I chose Mee. yay

Aren't they Bee Yee Ayyy YOuuu Tee Full?

Ok here's the meat options : Beef, Lamb, Fish and Chicken

Lamb Meat from my brother's order.

If you have done ordering, overall will look like this lo.

The beef rolls, I wonder how they roll this piece of art out o.O
Very Love Letters Liked.

Soup also got many options...

I ordered Vegetable Soup :D

Melon Milk juice orders I.

My raw fish fillets, nais looking but the portion is a bit too much.
They want me to be fat what the?

The Law family, well, part of the law family lol!
One holding the camera, 2 more in Sibu.

Vicky is steamboating!! Wou~ Who's the luckiest in the world nao huh? XD

And that's my daddy's steamboat, overloaded =.=

Time to cook my fish fillets yay.

You will have to wait for 2 minutes like that...

The master piece of Vicky.
"Tender" and "Soft" are the only rule of Chef-ky to cook a fish fillet.

In the middle of cooking war...

I found an egg and wondering if any bird left out her egg on the plate...

Who cares, Vicky boiled it, twisted it and then ate it after then :X

The cute mushrooms!

I dunno if I am the only one but I really think that this mushroom looks like
Medusa's head :/


After all the hard work, I've created the new dish!


Double Combo Vickilicious Vickilily Ramenky.
Nice name huh?

Me enjoying my food while Aunty Agnes enjoying looking at the camera lol XD

Burp, see that I didn't finish the fish fillets.
They want to fatten me grrr! :d

Miss Ahmu and Mister Elik close the post with their pose.

I love Icebar and Cafe of Brunei, do you do you??? :D

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Caroline Ng May Ling said...

wat a great fun with family! cute! gosh medusa's head?! hahaha! really look alike thou. hahaha! =D

Kelvin said...

Is ur brother trying to fatten u ? XD

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