Vicky learn to do Apple Crumble!

First of all, I have to show you my latest creativity of artistic Vickilious work piece.
The other day, the day was extremridiculously hot!
So I covered my face with my jacket hood, and found it funneh!!!


May I present you my art piece.

I went to Secret Recipe again!

The cake is TIRAMISU, it makes me think of Irene :(

I miss you to the max Rene Rene, wonder how are you??

Latino Vanilla! Hmm, prefer cold one, better lo.
Because hot one is kinda bitter >.< woo...

I love the bubbles!!!!

They are so fluffy and mushie :D

They make me look like young santa claus.


Ok, people gonna ask me
"What's wrong with you Vicky? Are u totally out of the topic huh?"

Vicky say
"There's always foreplay in everything"

Now come to the main part of the post!

The other day someone taught me how to do Apple Crumble!!



Cut them into to cubes and cook them in sweet syrup.
Volume of syrup is according to your own taste.
For Vicky me, I prefer Ngam Ngam Ho!

And self Raising flour for bla bla Gram.
Forgot ady! Gah, i forgot to write on my not pad :< sad.

Then measure the adequate amount of OATS!

And then the brown sugar!
Not white sugar, if not everything will turn to nothing.

Butter BAR!!! Not salted, remember that!

Put the cooked apples into a glass bowl, round shape nicer.

Cut the yellow butter into cubes like many spongebob squarepants.

And Cinnamon powder!

Put the flour into a dry cleam bowl

Anen, the cinnamon powder patt!

Tada, the Fuji mountain with a bit of chocolate sand on top!

Then the spongebob squarepants!

Next what you need is something from your badeh!


After adding in the oats and brownies sugars...

Smash the mixture up!!
Don't be too rude, smash them politely.

And tada the golden hand done Mixture!

Then squash them onto the apples

Preheat the Oven to 220 degree celcius

Err, this is extra thingy but just wanna share lo,
can put the custard on top too!

20 minutes later...

Something that is very impossible possibled!!

The apple crumble just came out from the heavenly oven!!

Look how adorable is it??

Awww... :)

Crunchu top plus mashy bottom.


Vicky HEART!!!


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chris_lim said...

Oooo.. that looks really professional. Something u can consider for ur future career perhaps ;)

Vicky 刘宁 said...

Lol, thanks!! Yay, I finally find one more hope in my life! :D

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