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Anyone heard of Dairy Queen?
So far I haven't heard that Malaysia got Dairy Queen lo.
Well me not care, as long as Brunei got can niao ^.^

Dairy Queen is an Ice Cream Dream world for me.
Where I only love one and only thing in it which is...

The Oreo Blizzard..

What is Oreo Blizzard,
an Oreo Blizzard is something that comprises of Vanilla Ice Cream and Oreo Biscuits

Haha, what I can introduce only this oreo blizzard lo.
Others also nais, but still oreo blizzard Vicky HEART!

Their color theme is orange and blue

There's a twister sign on the ceiling, because most of the dessert

Besides cold food, they also sell hot food.

The Cheese HOTdog... Wuusa~

Few days back my mom forced me to go to eat 客家food.
The name is erm, 擂茶?The Thunder Tea XD

Campur with peanuts la and 9 types of vegetables la.

After campur with the thunder tea,
the taste add on add on! Very delicious :D

Very healthy too, those who have constipation, ya'll got saviour nao :)

Few days back, went out with my ex-classmate aka sister aka JUCY!
We went to Brunei Yayasan, a shopping complex.

Saw 2 types of Avocado,
The one look like winter melon is from malaysia.
The other is from Australia.
Erm, no comment but I wonder what kinda fertiliser malaysia use O.O

Jucy choosing lemons for her mother.

Next we went to DQ again yay! XD

Brunei got around 8 Dairy Queen stores,
my life in Brunei is full of happiness mainly because of this.

I love you Dairy Queen, thanks to the waiter for willing to let me take a photo.
Haha, the one beside there don't laugh, next time is your turn..
I'll be back.

We enjoy DQ very much that I can smiled sillily looking at the oreo blizzard.
I really can do that O.O

*Scary smiling stares at the Oreo Blizzard...

This is Jucy's Cheesecake Blizzard.
She's a cheese liker,
she loves to eat cheese cake, eat cheese roll, eat cheese biscuits, eat cheese bread, cheese soup, cheese drink, cheese rice, cheese chicken, cheese pizza & spaghetti, CHEESE!!!!!
I wonder she can eat the entire CheezBox down anot O.O

But one sad thing is, we don't have StarBuck in Brunei, only got imported glass bottled drink.

This is Vanilla Frappuccino, altho don't have the original taste of coffee
Better than nothing ma right? XD

After consuming DQ, drink starbuck!

After Starbuck, Sing Key time!
Me and Jucy love to sing, haha well, the difference is...

She can sing!!! O.O
She's having sore throat that day yet... she sings like ....


Well, I can sing too, but sound like Duck T.T

Vicky Gaga sings: "Quak quak quak quaker face, quak quak quak quaker face"

We have a lot of fun that day ^.^

Stopped by Big Papa for snack-before-dinner and ordered Chicken Porridge

Jucy said :"No no, don't take my picture la, me siu siu"
Vicky said :" I just want to take the porridge photo" =.=

Lol!! Sent her home, then went for second hanging out
straight away with my family pai kia gang.

I was late, and the restaurant was full T.T
So end up at 饭锅香港茶餐厅, Fun Wok Hong Kong Restaurant.

Behold the menu book!

The 3 hungry people O.O I'm so sorry T.T

Well, me as repentance for being late
Kept silent and let them ordered XD
So I wondered around the restuarant like sakai.
Found out that the decoration is sorta hong kong styled.

Nais :)

Me and Koko wanna act sart, wear black flamed spec.
Order Hong Kong Milk Tea and drink like hong kong people.


Daddy ordered lemon peng, come hong kong restaurant must order hong kong thing, lemon peng at indian, chinese, japanese, malay coffee shop all got what right? o.O

My beautiful mummy, she's colourful that night :)

Hey look it's the 2 Hong Kong Kia wannabe.

Double Boiled Chicken Ginseng soup with honey date and winter melon
*Such a long name*

Next door is Fun Donat :D

Daddy showed me the new Brunei $20 note.
So geng! I wonder when B$30 and B$40 note will come out too ler :P

Hey it's me! The Quaker face singer.

Lamma Island Seafood Fried Rice

What Vicky love about this dish is the prawn!
It's not like other prawn lo..

Just very chewy, elastic, juicy and ..... Speechless*

Only can demo through pictures.

Say AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaa

Chew Chew Chew.

I Love it!! See the pleasure on my face?
I wish I can eat all the prawns on that plate T.T

Stir Fried String Bean with Minced Chicken Meat.
Hmm... ok ok ja.

Casserole bean curd seafood

Wou! This one very special I tell ya'll

The Bean Curd of course!

Outside looks very tough

Yet ho....inside is tender and soft
Some said that you will feel like hallelujah the time you eat'em.


Cheese Baked Rice with beef steak :d

I heart the cheese very muchie! *exclude rice and beef

Mummy's mouth drooled like waterfall when she opened the cheese cover.

Once she pulled up, her mouth jaw dropped.

(Wa, very tasty!!)

Well, Vicky gave a try on the cheese!
*Jucy stop staring*

Haha, some people said this photo looks like I got running nose
And the mucus comes out from my nose... =.=

Funneh! How can u treat cheesie cheese as Nose mucus?! <:d

Chew Chew Chew... Nom Nom Nom

Zan Hai Geng!

The bottom is being layered by the big big leaf!
Leaf gives me a nature feel, this food so natural!

Fun Wook Braised Beef Brisket.

*No comment*

Very attractive corridor wall.

Must Come to eat!!! :D
Err, Uncle Elik, mind if you err....
Zhe Me Zhe Me...? =.=

Neeway, thatsou for the day.

And Vicky got new Job already!!!!

I can do birthday cards for people!
If you feel paiseh don't want let people know that u ask me to do,
email me at

My first art work!

The Customer very satisfied with it ler...

He happy me Happy...
We are happy ever after....


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Merryn said...

faint after i scroll down.. n down.. n down.. n down.. and all the while craving for that cheese hotdog!

ur mom's cool looking :D

Vicky 刘宁 said...

LOL merryn >.< So u like cheese hot dog too?? XD This is my brother's order. Come to Brunei must tell me k!

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