Vicky eat at I Lotus of Brunei!

I lotus is a restaurant, it's not a flower =.=
They first opened when I was 13 years old which is 2003
They are known as Brunei's best kept secret and I wonder why O.O

They are very exposed what.
Where got secret?

Because I didn't have the chance to take the ILotus logo,
So copy and paste from other people's webpage XD

Most of the people go to I lotus at night time,
where the environment is filled with greenery and watery features.

I love the ambiance warm and welcoming cute soft toys.

Inside the menu book, there are soooooooooo many drooling orders,
awaiting for Vicky to order them.

Like other chinese restaurants,
I Lotus prepares a peanut dish for us before our orders arrive.
Snack-before-dinner, haha!
Or they know we people like to gossip and nom nom.
That's the most enjoyable moment of O ba san~

"Eh you know ho nom nom... I ...nom nom ....yesterday saw Mrs Siao's kid nom nom holding a girl's ..nom nom.. hand man~~ HAHA!! I can't wait to kepo it to her NOM NOM NOM!"


This is the Lime juice, cannot see lime only see yellowish liquid.
Hmm, thirst quencherish!!

Next would be Joyce's order...

The Mango Juice
PURELY refreshing mouthwatering drooling sweating perspirating juice!

Followed by mine Vicky!

I know what's inside this, Mango Vanilla and thick milk.
Vicky love the smoothness, silkiness and sensuousness
of the texture in it... The smoothie flows from ur mouth, straight to your heart :)

Imma in heaven.

Not only the food is very eye catcy, even the wall art also very rhythmic!

Love the hanging glass wall too! Got the feel of continuity :)

I really love the cool interior environment very much!

Daddy and mummy enjoy the smell too! haha
seriously, smell of food is everywhere!

Vicky wish to live here forever *cross finger

Ok nao nao, let's come to the food that we've ordered.


I see headless coconut, u see it too?

*don't slap me*

Inside the coconut head is the PRAWN!!

It is chef recommendation, they got confident on it and so they recommend it of course!

The Prawn flesh is somehow different from other prawn
Very chewy, fleshy like scallop!

The I-dunno-what-is-that chicken.
But I love the basket :D

This look like bread aka toufu thingy..
By the time you put it in your mouth, the toufu fleshiness melt into ur oesophagus...
Then to your stomach and touch the wall of liver... Very nais I can say :)

The mushroom brocolli!
I love the small trees aka brocolli very much :D
Their canopy berry juicy XD

Lastly and not least, the FISH of course.
I can't get away from fish on every meals now.
Since I don't eat other meats, fish is the only thing I can consume as meat.
Haihou to the FISHERMAN, thank you for the fishes :D


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