Vicky had a great time with the food♥♥♥

When Vicky is alone at home, she can't find anything to do that
she is bored to half dead.

Yeah, cam whore without a smile is a sign...

Well, a message from the phone just arrived!

"bla bla bla.... cook for lunch and dinner"

Instead of not happy, I'm happy yay!!!
At last there's something I can do at home

Nao Nao don't crap liao, let's get started!

Wou~ SHoush~~ Woosh~~~~


Nao here is a picture of the chef of the day!!
Hai, Imma VICKY! She is not a formal chef, no uniform one.

Vegetables prepared, cabuk-ed and soaked in water.

Ok I have to mention that I've became the Killing Spree of the day!
My hand is full of blood and I don't even know what to do...

Vicky just crapped...

So I've prepared the toufu and an egg for soup!


And then the smiling oyster mushroom! They look like ears!!!!


Can't resist the temptation of playing it haha!

And the i-dunno-wat-the-name plant!

Well, you might think that I got so many time to take photos while cooking ei?
Well I start preparing them from 10am! LOL XD

This is the leek flower, very very very long O.O"

That I got so envious of it...

*took a knife out from nowhere*

I look like scary insane murderer here O.O

What the.

Insane Vicky enjoying chopping vegetables...


I can't let a carrot go too! How cruel amai? T.T

Oh well, no matter how cruel am I, they always end up silent...

Rest in peace
†... REST in Peace†... REST IN PEACE!

Washing the rice, drain off the water.
Repeat until the water is clear :D

How to cook rice? ----> Google

Now come to the garlic...
No sympathy from Vicky :( sad~

Enjoy ur life Mister Mushroom, before your life end!

Now I'm gonna cook the oyster mushroom first....

Yeap, got...

Throw in the chopped garlic.

Then put the chopped oyster mushroom ...

into their grave!

Stir fry for 12 minutes, put in the sauce prepared!

Testing time...


And Imma done!

Next come to the leek flower and the carrot.
Same thing, first thing first, put in the garlic :D

Anen the carrot then the leek flower



It's a traditional culture of Vicky, while stir fry cooking...
You must sing the above song so the cook will go along well XD


I'm serious
. ײַ

Last Dish of the lunch to be preapred, the soup.


Didn't take the pictures tho :/

Nothing is perfect unless there's a blended soursoup for the meal :)

Take out the flesh of the soursoup and add honey in.
Gah, I've killed one more thing. T.T

Anen the ice cubes! Vicky prefer cold cold de soursoup

Add water until the cup says "Enuf!"



3 hours later, DINNER's turn!

Let me tell you a short story here...

Once upon a time, there lived happy tomatoes and hotdogs...



They all got so upset, Vicky had ruined their lives.

For the SAKE of DINNER! ♫♪♯

Now Come to ...

A pack of ready made spagetthi sauce.


Maggi Tomato sauce.

And lastly yet most important, SPAGETTHI NOODLE

Boiled them for 20 minutes and done!

Dinner DONE! XD

That's all for the day, phew.. What a Sinful day :(

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wen pink said...

eh not bad... can cook wor!! hahahah! but u ate ALL THAT alone?!?!? quite a lot wor!!

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