Sushi Assassin!

I just got my salary just the day before today
(Why don't you just say "yesterday"?)
Because I want to make my post looks more contented ...

I asked Esther for a supper that night after whole day tiring work

And Tada, she ordered the Chicken Sate which is
not-compliable" with me :/
But still I ate about 2 of them?

Oh and don't forget the most must-not-miss-out dessert!
Cafe Number 5 at SIBU MUHIBAH
Check it out everyone!

Esther add on the order for Mayo Fried Sotong

And on the instant time, she call for another order
The "
I... Just got... Speechless-ed by her

Nola, of course I got eat some too
Know why? Cause I can't even taste YET! >.<
Look of how cute is her ei? :)
Envying her small little face ^^

All goreng dishes! Somehow, once in a while right?
Why so Serious?

Its just a bunch of little cutey "floured seafood"

Won't bother you much de la ^^
Eat some, then exercise some lo
Eat more, then exercise more lo

Very simple one


Ohya, back to my topic

I would like to call my this time off day as...

--The Sushi Assassin--

The topic itself can clearly explain to genius like you all :)

Well, here how it went on...

Fixing my lovely car, poor her :(
Don't really take good care on her all along
I've put a "new heart" for her ^^

Then suddenly I smell something good from nowhere
I followed the smell with my lovely car

Hey it's the Sushi Tie!

And the Old Folk

This is so insane, I can't even smell anything
Yet I can sense the smell of sushi
Miracle happened! My nose only goes for Sushi!

After discovering the only cure to my blocking nose
I straight away ordered

Inari Egg Mayo, Dragon Ball,
Inari Tuna, Bean Curd and Chuka Itako
(I can still remember the names o.o)

I can feel it today
My luck, My fate, My wisdom, My wealth
ALLLLL comes from the SUSHI!!

Even the feel of cutting the fringe
comes from the Sushi too!

When people see Jesus from the Christian
People see Sushi from Vicky

I think there is a few in this world...
Who are chosen to be the "one"
The one who can only cure the flu by eating sushi
And I'm the one of the few!

Who can Understand Vicky?
This is so unexplainable

Can't you see the prettiness of them?
The moment you put them into your mouth...

You will... someday I tell you...

You Will Definitely hallelujah for it, no kidding for it man~

My grandma can be the testimonial
See the joyfulness, see the Sushiness~

My cousin Andrew, although he haven't been "supsism" yet
But he loves eating them :)

Meet the Inari Egg Mayo-chan

And the Inari Tuna-kun

Meet the long-time-no-see Yu Zhen!!

And the short-time-no-see Xiao Li!!

The Chuka Itako Sushi

The crab stick

The... Erm... Cyclone?

This one is Fishes plus mayonnaise
It was so super Mickey Nicey!

Awww, We never leave "Inari Egg Mayo" Behind :)

Xiao Li looks cute here!
So concluded from this photo...



Nah Kidding ^^

Ok here comes the serious one now...
Before I announce anything BIG, first thing first

2 photos of CAMWHORE



Ok Good.


May I intro you all "
The Wisdomisation of the green pasture"
(Err, I actually made this name myself)

Here how it goes,
TWGP is a kind of sushi
The biggest well known feature of this sushi is that...

It is topped up with

The above picture is the TWGP
So far, no one can finish up this sushi
Even the world greatest chili eater can't stand the hotness of it
More and more challengers came and tried to eat up
But ended up puke...

Soon this TWGP had became the legandary
no-one-can-eat" sushi...


Years after Years...

Here comes the
The officially mature 19 years old girl
Stood up from nowhere and said:

"Watashiwa can eat The Wisdomisation of the Green Pasture"

Everyone stared at her with amazement

Without delaying anymore times,
Wasa-ky Hime took up the Chopstick without any hesitation

We've found the
legandary Wasabi-er

So for that night, Wasa-ky and her friends
got free meal :)

PS: the above story is made up by the way :P

Anyway, after having meal with my colleagues
My boyfriend called up to Cafe Cafe of Sibu

I ordered the "
Icy Mocha Latte"
Hmm, sounds attractive :)
But guess what? I don't even know how was it's taste :/
Now for double confirmation,
sushi really do cure my blocking nose :)

My boyfriend ordered
Peanut Butter Green Tea bla bla" forgotten the name
Never know he like this kinda drink :/
Sounds awkward and must be taste awkward too
Lol, no offense la.

High classic Cafe like "Cafe Cafe" won't put up drink that is
not-drink-able, so for each drink, they have their own uniqueness :)

After having drink with boyfriend, we said bye bye to each other ^^
(no one ask)

I went to watch movie

The Ninja Assassin!
So ngam my day, how can I miss that out right?
Haha, anyway the movie is somehow awesome!
Hey it's RAIN! WOOOooooo

Love his every movements when fighting
But the bloody scenes kinda frightened me out a lil.
How I wish I can imagine that they are killing Sushis instead of human...

And that I should name this movie as

The Sushi Assassin

Laugh Out Loud!

Well, I had a great day on my off day :) Worth it!
External Exam is coming on next Friday T.T
Got to get my butt on the study chair le

PS: May be blogless until next Friday, just stay tune with me k?

-missing kew-

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Superman said...

Wah, got gaji already. Got belanja me makan or not? Hehe. I like the Sushi as well. Always went they with my wife. Watched The Ninja movie with my wife. I bet all girls like "Rain"!

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