Exam period is Over!!!!!!

Wooo Woo WOOOO ^o^V

As I promised to everyone last weekend
I'll be touching my blog and lappy after I finish my exam :)

Meet old colleague Hie Ing! Still as pretty as ever

Missing her very much ^^

And now Hush Puppies soft toys are available!

As big as half of Vicky

Suddenly felt like got companion when I am bored

I can share my secrets and feelings to it
when I need a listener

When Esther feels bored, she will do something
different from me

Testing on HP clothes! One of her ambition

This is her :P

This is the kokoberry Latino Vanilla with Pearl!

I always take kokoberry drinks as my daily mineral intake :X

This CY was thinking about her order
"Hmm, what my tummy want to eat today ler?"

And TaDa!! Fried Noodle Wet

And the cutey Esther, LOL!

This is my Don Fen, forgotten to ask the chef to remove the meat
SomeMore, PORK LIVER O.O""""""

Ok, the pictures above were like last week week week?
Kinda old already :/

Now Now is the exam preparation period
What Vicky had actually done? Hmmm~

Irene dear dear came from Bintulu and overnight at my house!
So so for every mornings, we went out for breakfast cause my house got nothing to eat in the morning ^^" Ops :X

Sibu Bus Terminal Yum Yum Cafe!

Guess what? Me and Irene have been explore on LAKSA
of different restaurants in Sibu

No play play man~
Yum Yum Cafe's Laksa really "contented" :)

After that, sent Irene to examination hall

Anyhow, she'd been study hard, sure no problem for her ^^

Sibu Delta Mall main door had already decorated and prepared
for the of Christmas! So syioked and excited la ^^"

Second time breakfast was at ALOHA!

Same old order, Roti Canai Telur

And Laksa ^^

Went to shop a little at Delta Mall's supermarket

It's Vicky's Vsoy babeh!!

Then then went to eat "Ice City"'s ice shaving!
Love it! Fat Free man, who care how much they eat?


Plum sauce ice shaving ordered by cousin Andrew

Mango jelly ice shaving by Vicky me ^^

Chocolate Ice Shaving! Why I sound so excited? =.="
No interest for anti-chocolate me :/

Nemo drink from Kokoberry! WooOO

As usual my latino Vanilla,
"Don't want Ice Scop, add big"
Same price what

The next stop is ....


Irene tried so hard of thinking what to eat that time
Really Really hard...

Ended up eating Laksa also ....

Godzilla Milo!

Noodle House Milk Tea!

Wou Wou, see how big the breakfast meal Vicky got there ^^"

Very tension and flexible rice noodle plus a very
thick creamy laksa soup!

At Hush Puppies

See how good the honesty I had there
Although this few days been really hard on study
Vicky never get to forget the existence of Hush Puppies
I visit Hush Puppies regularly ^^
A very potential customer and high motivated staff >.<
Very High-nosed mo me.. LOL!
No la

Went to Delta mall supermarket again!
The exam will be on tomorrow afternoon
So I went to Delta Mall supermarket to buy the...

Nescafe 3 in 1 Pack!

Let Vicky introduce you all my most honorably Nescafe

Nescafe got 3 levels

First level : Original (red)
Second level : Creamy (orange)
Third level : The most thick and bitter (green)

And for the professional me,
I bought the highest level, which is the Green pack

Tada and behold everyone of the world
Here comes the Almighty
"No-One-Can-Drink Cafe"

One day, Nes-ky came out from nowhere and said
"I can drink the Green Nescafe"
People watched her at amazement

Vicky said :"one pack?" Nah~

2 packs?! Nothing!

Now Now, 3 packs is counted as "something"
Lol, here Vicky demonstrate for ya'll

To make a 3 packs of 3 in 1 Green Nescafe


You have to consider of
what type of glass you will be using

Like these above

Vicky've chosen the Hush Puppies Big Big glass!


Switch on the kettle plug


First pack

Pour them into the glass as like how the
"Ninja Assassin" does when they open the "black sand letter"

Second pack

Do the same, this is so important as it will affect the taste!

We call this method
"The ninja assassin black sand letter style"

Last pack!

Ninja assassin black sand letter style!

Well, it's not black actually ^^"


One scoop of Condensed Milk

The above picture is to prove that Vicky had really
put in 3 packs of Green Nescafe


Wait till the kettle says :"POP"
It means that the kettle is on the boil ^^ Yay~


Pour in the boiling water into the big big glass


Stir the water in "zig-zag" movement like this :


Yeah, that's what I'm trying to explain


TADA!!! Here comes the Almighty Mighty all Green Nescafe!

"Nes-ky" really can drink them O.O"

Take a sip

Transformer of the weak to the strong...
Wu Wu Wu T.T to Grrrr >:o

To add-on the energy supply
Vicky and Irene decided to fry egg!
Prepare 4 eggs! For 2 servings!

Wash the cooking pan

Broke the egg yolks

Don't forget the main seasoning ingredients!
Pepper and Oyster sauce
Put them into the egg yolks and mix up!

A little amount of oil

Until the temperature is warm enough to cook your hand,
pour in the mixture!

I can cook like my grandma too ^^

Irene cannot stand my stupidity, so she chased me away
and now present you all her skill of "king king kong kong"
the cooking pan! :D

King kong here King kong there
King kong king kong everywhere

And here comes the master piece of Irene Popo~

Nicey Nicey and very Nicey indeed! ^.^
And our lunch is settled eventually :/

And Vicky's Energy is fully charged!

Am soooo prepare for the next day exam :)

In the middle of the night, I am still looking good man~
Really.... T.T

Early in the morning!
See See SEE??? I really can stood awake till the next morning!
Although for few hours of time, my mind is completely shut off :/
Dunno why tho.

As usual, Irene woke up and we went to have breakfast

Another LAKSA! of "Shun Fu" near Delta Mall Sibu

Forgotten of telling the chef not to add meat
because I will normally put them aside untouched

After breakfast, here Vicky go again!
This is how I study normally.. LOL!
I don't like chair and table..
I love floor and bed >.<>

My exam starts at 3pm
I waited outside the examination hall at 1pm ...

A very very empty hall~ LOL

This energy-booster drink gave by Irene
After drinking it, I will act like a bull....
Too aggressive till when u are answering the answer sheet
U will like tear the paper and eat them all up

Nola, just kidding..

"Guluu Guluu Gullullu"

Thank you Irene dear dear! Woots! Woots! Woots!

After 2 hours....

Youhou Youhou Youhou!!!
The exam is over!!!!! Yaypee

Celebrating with my doggie,
I am so happy
and he is so happy for me too!

People will ask:
"Why not celebrating with Irene?" o.O

I answered with a picture:


She had to study for her last exam on next Monday...
Don't disturb her first :X

Thinking that I can replace back the sleepless night before
My grandma asked me:
"Vicky a, ming nang ai zho wa kuo ba la mo?"
(Vicky, tomorrow want to go market?)
Guess my sleeping dream will not come true :<

Next morning,

Ugly looking tired full of black circle face of Vicky

A very energetic look of Grandma

Here comes the busy Market~

Popo today aim for 2 legged animals o.O

5 Chickens and 1 duck

I am so speechless....

Let me introduce you all...

Meet Nay Nay the pretty chicken

Meet Cha Cha the man!
The only male chicken in the group

Meet Shay Shay the frightened chicken

Meet gay gay the duck

Meet Pail Pail the black chick

And lastly, Mei Mei the shy chicken

Meet the Killer's granddaughter...
Sorry, cannot expose the killer
To prevent her from getting caught

Then then after taking
the chicken and duck's photos
Irene woke up from the beauty sleep!

And here we go again to laksa-ing!

This time we went to Everwin near bus terminal of Sibu

Aww, very unaware photo of Vicky
Very artistic la, the best photo taken by Irene

Vicky ordered laksa again! ^^

Forgotten again about the "no-meat" remind :<

Irene not feeling well today
So she ordered something different instead...
"Don Fen fish ball soup"

Wish her good luck in her exam on Monday!

Oh my, I've spent like
2 hours doing the photos
1 hour uploading
2 hours posting

Anyhow, I'm going to Brunei next Tuesday!
So Super Duper Happy to meet my parent

Will update again soon


-missing kew-

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Superman said...

Wah, long long post after exam ah? How many hours did you sleep after that?
You do really like Laksa and roti canai a lot. Do post more on nice laksa so that I know where got good laksa to eat.

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