I blew, cut and ate cake for 4 times on my birthday

There is so much activities going on this week
Besides from the really terrible yet excited HP sales
It's my 19th birthday yesterday! ^^

And you all won't gonna believe me that
I'd really ate 4 times different cakes for my birthday
LOL, and made 4 times wishes >.<

Went to watch "New Moon" Movie with the boyfriend
last Thursday, it was great! It's really fascinating that
Bella (Character of the movie) had been loved by 2 man
And that 2 men are not a normal human
They are one Vampire and one Werewolf man!
How Vicky wished to be loved by Batman and Superman ^^

Last Thursday night

Went to Cafe Cafe with 2 sisters and cousin Andrew
They celebrated my birthday in advance!!!

I mean really ADVANCE


Until they skip my 19th birthday and
straight go for my 20th birthday =.="
Very "advance" ei?


No la, actually is my sisters
They miscalculate my birthday as 20th instead of 19th
Aiya, what for care that much?
Got birthday celebration already very good le wei

Forget what this call
But the description is like:
Big egg layer cover up rice inside

Sate! Smell Nice,
Taste? I dunno :/
Coz I'm anti-Chicken

Birthday presents from my 2 elder sisters
One hard drive one book
Love them so much!!!

This is the tuna bread my elder sister ordered that night

Vicky's Fish and Chips!

Hmm, Beaf and Rice :/
No comment tho~

But the Fruit was Nice :)

My 19th "first" birthday cake!

May Vicky intro you all my pretty sister!

Me and My cousin Andrew
So skinny him :( "Unfattenable"

Went to breakfast with Emmy and Esther at
Everwin 24hrs Restaurant
They ordered the famous kampua there

And as for Vicky, I ordered The laksa ^^
LOL, the sick me still eat hot laksa wei~

Rojak O.O I love the toufu
(Dried Bean curd) in it!!!

Really exhausted during this few days straight


But guess what? My sickness "deepen" my voice
That mean like I'm having a fever
And there's lotsa mucus in my throat
Causing my voice to change ^^

No more complains from customer YAY
Rather to be in this condition than normal one :)

Saturday night,
Elder sister brought me out right after work

To "RH Hotel" Cafeteria

The menu book of RH Cafeteria

I ordered the Mushroom Soup that night

And the Ice Blended Mocha

The Hawaiian Pizza

According to the malfunction of my nostril that day
For EVERY BITE, I have to force out my "Mucus"
from nostril, from mouth, from tear duct
Every hole on my face la
Only that I can know how is the taste
This is sooo Suffering T.T

Look LOok and LOOK!

The elastic Flexible juicy looking cheese
My saliva is dripping >.<

Love the decoration of the church~

Christmas Tree

Last christmas
I gave you my heart
But the very next day
You gave it away

This year
To save me from tears

I give it to someone "special"
*Windows cracked*

Just right after Church Service

I met my colleague Esther

She brought me to visit a BIG BIG house!

Somewhere around the UCS (Uni of Sibu)

As I reached there, the first thing I do is


The house is so big that it is almost
50 times big of a normal bungalow house :/
Really man~
no kidding here, you see me laughing?

The furniture there is so unique and chinese cultured

This is Esther, Vicky and Mina

Even the chair is so "Dynasty" Version

The TV is big and flat
Sighed, compare to my 90's TV,
I only can see "greyscale" indonesian drama

Part of the backyard

The chair is so "Bird-nest" liked

One of them is like a baby shaker tripod

I only can see plastic chair in my house LOL

And a very olden day "VCD player"

One of their rest room I guess?

A very big "bulb" on the ceiling
in between staircases

Love this picture
The translucent window with chinese words on

Look like a recreational park T.T

Me and Esther camwhoring outside the rich house
A bit "sakai" tho :/

Look at the deco.! So fantastic la
I can see a handless thing there O.O"
I wonder if they miss out that one on purpose?

A beautiful swan under the sunlight

This is located just outside the house main door
Very attractive and fascinating~

Envy a lot of this rich house
Anyhow, it is really important for people like me
to realise that eventhough I can't live in a big house like that
I still can enjoy a better life right? :)
Of all, the most needy thing of Vicky is a
warm family

Instead of big house
No offense here by the way,
I believe that this family
can come to this rich is because of the parent
who willing to work hard TOGETHER for it
Hmm, it's "learnable" :>

After the visit
I rushed back to Hush Puppies
With a 3 minutes late =.="

Guess what?!
My colleagues gave me a big surprise too!
I almost cry out when they sing out birthday song
along with the "second" cake out

I made a second time wish >.<

And cut the cake for second time too


Thanks to CY Love ya!

Esther cute girl!

Emmy handsome girl too~

Night time after work
Of course won't miss out celebrate with him :)

He bought "third" cake for me too
It's tiramisu flavored!
LOVE IT!!!!!!

Hmm, among all this is the most lovely one :)
He said that he never buy cake for girls
and that this is his first time, how sweet :)

I were really happy that night,
eventhough I were tired from work
But his appearance really strengthened me up
The cake, how I wish I wouldn't have to cut it
so that I could keep it as sweetest memory ever!
... in the cupboard

Somehow it's edible
So I have to eat and cut and make wishes for the third time

Remember I said that I blew cut and ate cakes for 4 times?
This is the forth time


It's from GRANDMA!
Altho no deco on it, I still can feel the
warmest and dearest from it.
This is an unexplainable feeling...

I had a great 19th birthday memory this year :)
thanks to you all

PS: Sorry to Brunei friend that I've changed
my phone number without inform :(

Still thanks for the greeting from Facebook and SMS too

Love ya'll,
muakz muakz muakz
-missing kew-

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