Vicky N Irene

Woala, the beauty of the day! Irene :D
Big eye*
Long Hair*
Oval shaped face*
Sweetest smile ever*
Only she had them...

As I promised, I'm gonna post up pictures of
Me and Irene Exploring to Food right?

We went to "Garden Hotel" that day
Nice place with cool air
Nice Song too

Peace Pose Vicky!!

I ordered "Fish and Chips"
Dressed with small portion of salad and Fried Chips


This dish was ordered by Irene
Named "Fillet Auugrasiiiii... bla bla"

Something like that :/

Dressed with Fried Chips and Salad
The Fish is steamed and topped with Baked Cheese

A Bowl of Mushroom soup for each of us

This Picture is published!! Arh~~
Irene... Don't worry :)
I got it all done perfectly~

Wa Wa Wa~ Super love the Fillet!
Gah, the sharp head man behind me spoilt up everything

Numm Numm Nummm
The fillet is very crunchy and juicy
But it's a bit salty :x
Make my face look more "water-retention"

Left- over = Fried Chips
Prefer KFC French Fries more :/

That's the whole afternoon I spent during my off day that day

My heart is switching off bumping for the moment

-Someone help Vicky-


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