Sleepless Night

The light is off
And the Silence is on
Everything is so quiet....
But that´s just an appearance.
I lay down and close my eyes
This night is of much different from the other nights
I try to sleep
Yet I´m confused and sad....
Turning to and fro
My eyelids are heavy,
My head needs to calm down
....only my heart seems to fight against the sleep

Weird thoughts
Destroying feelings fought my soul
Why is sleeping at the moment so difficult?
I just need a sleep and that is all
Try not to think of you anymore....
But I can´t control these feelings
Like hard, small rockdrops
The feelings seems to knock on my broken heart
The silence crushes me
On and on
Not to think of you but to sing a song (Imagine)
Nothing I can do but to let it off
Have to forget you to get my life back on off

The raindrops become sad,
Desperate tears once again appear on my chubby cheek...
My feelings for you are hopeless and have to disappear.
I have to clear up my situation of feelings
And have to forget you.

God I'm so Exhausted
As I face
Yet another Sleepless night...


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