Hush Puppies Checked Shirt

Hush Puppies Autumn Arrivals

A few caught my attention
And guess what?
One of the Men department's new arrival got my attention!

Checked Shirt haven't been my taste last few years back
All I wear are Plain and stripes (yeah, old fashioned)
It just got my attention
I picked "S" size and gave it a try
Pretty nice :)

I'm not pro in matching clothes, LOL!
As what my mom always say me: "Old-fashioned"
It's a Truth =.="

So I went to google search
And here's some examples
that I copied from google ...

Bottom : Long Pant
Which I like and felt comfortable to wear with the most ...

Bottom : Hot Pant
Nah, Never gonna happen.
But if there's an inner sock, that will do :)

Bottom : Mini Skirt
I like this one but hardly will wear it ... :/
Imma Pant-liker Girl

Bottom : Short Pant
Hmmm, Will wear this one also
Well, its short, not Hot :D

Hiak Hiak Hiak, gonna wear it to school tomorrow
Matching it with Long pant I guess?
Sighed =.="

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