Hush Puppies Oldies Gathering & LapTop Bags Plus Luggages!


Finally it's my turn to have my own time again... :)
Just after my class that day, instead of going home,
I went to shop alone in Parkson
I have no idea why this few days I like to be left alone
I speak less than usual, even my colleague find me a weirdo...

So that day I put on my sunglasses (Acting Cool)
And Drove elsewhere~

On the way to Sibu Parkson, as I stopped at the traffic light junction,
I realised that the car in front got NO PLATE NUMBER!
Gush, I kept on think:"should I call polis?! This might be the stolen car!"

I got so frustrated and depressed, hesistating on whethere to call the polis or not.
But the other drivers took no action, Big people didn't do anything, why me so kepo?

So I got so warmed up by the sudden activate of my brain, I ended up in.....

As usual, I bought "Melon Sago Drink" from 凉 Cool!
Cost RM 2.50 only
I were hydrated once more!

In the Parkson Shopping Centre, I went to several clothes shop
Hunting on Checked Shirt! Heh Heh Heh~

This is Nicole Brand Checked Dress
Hmmm, the Cutting doesn't seem to suit me tho :/

Another Checked shirt from erm, Forgot it's brand name le
A little Boyish, But seems cool on me ><

There is one more from LEVI's shop.. I love the Cutting Pretty much!
But the Price is so "beautiful" .... T.T

So I went to buy cheap snack instead
Keropok Ikan Bermadu!
Don pray pray people, this species really "ugly nice"!!
Meaning that, Ugly to see, Nice to Taste!

I ate 100g every serving!

Half way to my car, RAINING!!
I tried to run but "cool" people don't run
So I walked coolily under the Sunny Rain
(Which is the reason I was Sick the next day of it)

Lol, while enjoying my Keropok Ikan in the car
I realised that how pretty bear bear was that day

A bear made from SU (my beloved ex-colleague) I miss ya! :(

Night time I went to Parkson again =.="
Gathered up with my ex colleagues!
This is such a happy event for me! ^^

Everyone meet Xiao Fong!
Back from Bintulu

Say Hello to Xiao Li!
Back from University outside Malaysia

Meet Blog Owner Vicky!
Back from Busy Days of "Work and Study"

Look Who's there? Its Mina the Later!
Back from Hospility School in Sibu
How good ei? Sibu got Big Eye Cute Nurse Everyone!!

Got My taste changed Again!!
Now I'm in love with V-Soy soya bean milk!
No longer Soya Milk of Season :( (Sorry for Betraying)

Yea, it cost more than Season Soya milk by RM2.00
Which is RM3.50, It actually worth!
Can makes ur tummy full for almost full day
just by drinking the 1 litre pack only...

Early in the Friday Morning
Thursday Skipped as I was So Sick!

When I opened the shop today....

New Arrivals Luggages and Lap Top Bags and Kid Back Pack!!
Back to the Old School!

Ok, Imma so serious now!

This is definitely my LOVE for the moment in Hush Puppies
Even my colleague's position in my heart is of lower than it!

I like the Outer Design

Inside got a small Bag for keeping the laptop

Super love the design inside the bag too...

The Back View
I'm so ON!
Gonna buy it soon after I got my next next month salary :/

The Other pattern

Hush Puppies Hand Bag!!
Nice and Attractive LOGO!

But I'm still craving the Khaki's laptop bag in my heart
Never leave my eye sight from it while serving customer

Anyone Interested can ask more o...
Only one Available for each type!

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laptop bags said...

I just found your site via FN – I Love these laptop sleeves! Waay too cute. and what a neat opportunity. God is so good. I’ve really enjoyed reading your insights and everything. 

Anonymous said...

how much tat laptop bag?so nice......:)

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