A day Out!!

Early in the morning, Everyone Get up!

Now Now, What's Wrong With Vicky~

Take One!
Cool Face

Take Two!
Smiling Face!

Take Three!
Killer Face!

Take Four!
Pity Face!

And don't forget, Take Five!
The Noober FACE!

Ok, Its enough,
these are the face exercises required in order to slim down your face.
And I'm ready for a Day Out!


To School .... =.="

For Class T.T

After Class, Irene and I went to Canteen again!
Instead of ordering drinks, this time I ordered Food!
Like what No.44444 advices me everyday
Meat Meat Meat!! Stop eating junk girl~


Ok, Fish fillets with Honey + Fried Fish Fillet + Mixed Vege

We're Anti-Rice Man~
Thats why we are good friend

Night time, I fetched Irene to the place where we bought
Tsu Kiao (Birthday Boy on 02/10)

A Piece of cake, Better thank us sisters Tu Di ^^

Lol, after that had a little while shop in Parkson, Sibu...
Didn't expect I will buy clothe in Toledo :X

Next, I met up with Robin, promised him that I will treat him
Fruit Ice as soon as I got my salary
And Tada~

Behold Everyone, Its the Twin Active Volcanoes!!
RM2.50 each~

Don't Forget people, Imma Water Tank!
One Big Volcano Lava is nothing for me
Again I ordered a drink called
Let me guess
"Lemon" "Sour plum" "Suan Ji"
What else?
Erm, Orange? I can't think out anything that would possible be in this drink anymore
What else can be in this Drink?

I Wonder why? RM1.80 BTW

Sighed, Good Day always past fast :(
Tomorrow I have to go to work straight after my school again~
Next Thursday, Please Come Fast~

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