Another post for another day

Me and Chai Yiiun enjoying KoKoBerry ^.^

Waseh, this girl enjoying Kokoberry and
home made Hamburger~

Our Meal, so kelian :(

Wa Wa, PJ So happy

So Do Chai Yiiun too

Me at Elder Sis's house
Acting Emo

While waiting for Elder Sis
Camwhore a bit bit

Mmmm, Like this Picture :)

This is My room after my Big Cleaning O.O

After Laksa Meal in Hush Puppies Shop

Me and Chai Yiiun bought
2 bowls 2 pair of chopsticks and 2 spoons

For the purpose of LAKSA!!
But seldom eat laksa this few days, not feeling well

Look at her :) how Enjoyable ei?

Nice ler :) You people can enjoy at restaurant
Why not us?

This Picture at Tanahmas Restaurant
Treated by our Tauke Nio

A bit blur here, Dumpling from the high class Hotel

Guess What?
Laksa From Tanahmas Hotel!
RM18.00 , Don't Pray Pray
But still I prefer Laksa from Kopi Tiam Tho...

This is Nasi Lemak ordered by Chai Yiiun
Her supper O.O
RM16.00 T.T

This is the Cincau Susu I ordered that night
See another 2 behind there
I introduced the 2 girls too ^.^
Size of the drink?
700ml and
Vicky the WATER TANK got no doubt with it at all

Ok, this is the 3 sour drink from "One O One"
Nice View from the outside
Nice Taste from the inside too

Honeydew I ordered
I finished it in few minutes
Actually can finished in 30seconds
But got lots of people around
A bit rude lo if finishes it fast
So I just took a bit sip a bit sip
Acting polite? O.O

Forgotten to post up this picture
Laksa from "88" Kopi Tiam
Not bad too,
but I transfered the chicken meat slices to
Chai Yiiun's bowl :P
Besides from Anti-Pork
I'm a little Anti-Chicken too

How enjoyable am I ei ? ^o^

This is Green Bean soup from Robin
when I was sick last time
He really took a good care on me :)

Oh ya!!
I found kenny's son!
The kid on the right look so alike with him isn't it?
It's kinda blur blur

Erm, this is kokoberry's "Latino Vanilla"
Currrently addicted to it
But kinda expensive also

Dark Dark de, cannot see me
Me with my newly bought Hush Puppies Tee

New semester just started

Our ToXiction (Taxation) Lecturer
He is Funneh! ^.^

Am feeling glad to see my Friend Friend again ^.^

Ok, Its time to buy new Shoe and Sock =.="

And this is how my shoe look like during 2009 CNY



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