Vicky Food Exploration!

Before Starting my Exploration post
Will share with you people my Flu Pictures

Maybe it the Causes of Bulimia?!

Thanks to Robin's Porridge ^.^
Feeling much more better after his Porridge
Love and Care felt deep in my heart

Guess how much does this lil kitty cost?
Bought from a "can't-talk" girl
(Forget what the name called tho :x)

Welcome to Sibu ALOHA Cafe
Firstly recommended
Laksa Cost RM3.50

(Prawns and egg slices)

My Friend Irene Enjoying it ^.^

Owh Yeah, Thats what Vicky call Laksa

"Dragon Ball" from SUSHI TIE

Inari Tuna from SUSHI TIE

Kokoberry's Pearl Milk Tea makes
Me and Chai Yiiun falling in Love together

Look who's there?
PJ the Pejamas the Ping Jie

Whou Whou pretty ladeh~

Don't act cute =.="

Tea-C Ice Cost RM1.60

Roti Canai Kosong From ALOHA

Nice straight hair you got there Chai Yiiun :)
Owh! And look at the Ring there, someone's getting marry :P

Enjoying happily with the Teh-C ice Ler? ^.^

Me enjoying happily with the Ice Cubes ^^

Here here the Laksa of ALOHA

Please don't look elsewhere when you eating laksa Please
Give some respect to Laksa, OPS:X

Demo from PJ, the dreamworld with Laksa

My name is Mee Hoon, surname is Laksa
Full name is Laksa Mee Hoon
Nick name is Vicky

Erm, random post O.O
Vicky with Big Logo Hush Puppies

PJ girl!! Why are u smilling with closing eye
while taking out your money and posing a "V" pose?

I like this picture :)
Nice smile there Chai Yiiun


Roti Canai Telur from ALOHA RM1.70

Laksa~ Specially Sponsored by "Body glove"

Vicky Enjoying Laksa

Extra Recommendation
Pork Dumpling from ALOHA too
PS: I'm not the one who ate that

Pardon me
The Picture below is actually Roti Canai SUSU ^.^"


Ok, maybe Vicky should teach you all the
Proper stages of eating Laksa

Ways : Scream in the middle of nowhere
"LAKSA SU BUANG" *Foo Chow language*

2nd - Squeez Limao Juice into Laksa
Together with Belacan if you want
Don't waste the seed of Limao
I eat those seeds by the way :X

And Eat it Of Course
The Most High Class Time to finish a bowl of Laksa
Would be around 13minutes 15seconds
3rd - Finish the Mee Hoon First
Left out the soup?
No way~
Never ever left out the soup
80% of the Laksa price is the SOUP
RM2.80 you pay for the Soup O.O"

4th - Done Eating and Slurping the Soup ^^

Thats all??

You should order Lemon Ice Drink Like Vicky
Why why??
Because Laksa is kind of Oily
Lemon will destroy the Oil in your tummy


3 Pictures of Vicky and PJ and CY
Borneo Cultural Festival
(Will post up the Firework soon)

This is Sky Dragon

Lemon Ice from Sky Dragon

Don Fen Fish Ball Soup!

The Fish Ball is Big O.O

This is Me and Chai Yiiun
Random again :X

Same Laksa From Aloha
Same People
But Different Day

Here we Go Again
PJ the Pejamas the Pin Jie!

And there there the Vicky Laksa Mee Hoon
I look like Hamster here :(


Vicky and her beloved Pearl Milk Tea! RM2.30

Me and the HP girls' Kokoberry's Pearl Milk Tea
The one with ice cream topped is PJ one
Guess what?
All same Price!

Me and Chai Yiiun!

Me and PJ the Pejamas the Pin Jie!

Me and 3 half stuck Pearls

Say YES to KokoBerry Girls!

Located near the bus terminal of Sibu
Oh. My. Gosh!
Laksa here is totally speehless!
Best Best Ever!

First May I intro you PJ

Next Chai Yiiun

Last Vicky ^^
Noticed that we all are posing "V" pose?
Everyone is Posing "V"icky pose ^.^

TADA!! Laksa Mee Hoon of Yum Yum Cafe
The Mee Hoon is not the Normal Mee Hoon
we normally eat outside
Its totally different from ALOHA's
Its a bit like Don Fen
But its not don fen
Its is Mee Hoon
But it taste like Don fen
Slightly more flexible than Don fen
Slightly Juicier than Don fen

Additional : The Content is sooooooo FULL!!
The cost is reasonable too compare to ALOHA
But ALOHA got its own special feature anyhow

RM4.00 for this Fish Ball Soup
Kinda Expensive tho :/

See this girl? Never change her habit
Stop looking elsewhere when you having Kam Pua
Eventho its not Laksa
Give some respect to Kampua too

Like PJ, she was so Into the mood and dream of eating Laksa
Until she got shocked when I took her picture

Its me Again ^.^

Bought this from an old woman
RM5.oo Fish Meat Sui Mai (8 pcs)
Just a symphathy feel for her
Although I can't taste and Fish inside except Flour

And Again BURPPPP~~~

Yes, Thats what Vicky taught
Lemon Ice after every Laksa Meal

Nice Looking there CY

Hey Hey its the Super Duper "V" pose

Next would be one of my beloved drink
Jin COOL!!!!
I felt lucky to be alive in this world and
knowing that Jin Cool Exist in Sibu
DragonFruit "Xi Mi Lu" (Sago)

Peanut soup

Random Post again :)

CY looked super serious here O.O

PJ the Oldy Ah MU ^.^

I look like Hush Puppy here
*Sad looking*

Damn Cute! So CY, stop acting serious everytime
Smile like this will make u look more prettier ^o^

Another me and Hush Puppy picture
Years of relationship

Me and PJ!


But the Problem is
I got flu that time
So I pay Laksa for nothing
I only know that its a hot stuff :(

Best Picture ever of PJ!!
Sweetest Smile Captured by Vicky

Here comes my super duper "V" pose again

There There... Laksa of Soon Hock Near Delta Mall of Sibu

PJ enjoying Laksa Yea~

Best Picture captured Ever for CY!!
Her emotion, the feel of flying to heaven
after a scoop of Laksa
With a SLight Wind blew over her face through her hair
Kacha~ Nice :)
But you still didn't give respect to Laksa

Its me Again
Without knowing how the Laksa of Soon Hock taste like
It was like eating the Plain paper :(
Thanks to the Almighty Flu

There is Lots of place more
Where I haven't taste the Laksa
Will post up more when I got there :)




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