SmooKey Vickey~

Thick Haze's been covering Sibu for days

And Everyone is sick :(
Coughing and Sneezing and Running Nose
Stay away from Vicky People!
I am Sick!!
Say NO to Vicky

Ate Laksa (Kosong) With Irene

I Mean KOSONG in real
Mee Hoon and Laksa Soup
No Meat
No Egg

Tired Vicky enjoying her Lemonade

Oh ya, I've changed my Handwatch leather
The Black one cost RM6
The White one cost RM15
Big differences O.O
But I chose the White one :)

This is Vicky with her new Glasses
H2Optical Brand

Me and PJ
We are Yeo's Soya Bean LOVER!

That night

Went to Massage leg with my Sisters
Near Bus terminal
"Dai Tong Shui"
Big Water Tank
Hmm, Suitable for me :)

See the ugliness of my leg?
This is the reward of standing for long period of time
Worth it :)

Entertained by a big screen TV
Protex! Your best choice ...

Super Duper hot!!!!!!!
I can eat my leg if I put my leg in for few minutes O.O"

My leg massager for that night is a China Girl
She is pretty and Strong too =.="

After the somehow comfortable leg massage
Elder sister brought me to Tanahmas for a hot cup of Milk

She understand me a lot :)
And so she ordered 2 big tea pot of hot milk

Meanwhile, a plate of Fish and Chips was served onto the table

The Hungry Vicky
This is so Miracle!
The stuffs actually disappeared and Poof-ed in my Tummy O.O

Took this Picture this Morning
So bored and I'm hungry to death :(

Recess Time!
"Thank You Teacher, See you Tomolo Agen"

Me and Irene Jogged to Canteen
She said that today canteen got sell "Mo Mo Cha Cha"

RM 2.00 only

The Content is Kinda Full so It is worth to be eaten!

This is How my School canteen look like

After School, I drove to "Liang Cool"
Thinking to buy a Sago drink
But My Throat is killing me
So I bought "Papaya Mu Ear Drink"
Don't know what that call in english :/

Full of Papaya Flesh :P

Yea, this is the "Mu Ear" I'm talking about

Vicky is Enjoying her "Papaya Mu Ear Drink"

I'm Feeling Smokie this few days
Thanks to the Smokie Atmosphere
Everyday back home
Smell like I took 10 packs of cigarette =.="

I'm still a good girl :)
Shokutbushu! Can settle every smell on you~



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