To Mr SecretMan

Just a few while ago, an unknown people calling him or herself Secretman Commented on my Photos^^

He said that Vicky recently's photos that have been edited, Vicky not pro on editing them. And he/she said that these pictures making vicky looks so "fake", she/he's not saying that way, but overall that meaning lo. Haha, actually Vicky very very very very happy to receive his/her comment. I've been thinking recently too about the edition of my own photos have been toooooo over, so I might wait for someone's comment for my confirmation, Guess what??? It actually happenend!
Thanks alot for his/her comment, really really helped Vicky alot,
By the way he/she talk, I can see that he/she's from Brunei, one of my friends in Brunei kua@.@

Haha, anyway, thanks alot~!! Give u Vicky's precious Smile (^.^)

Ohya, Vicky without Edition~ How was it ?? =.= Looks so so so so erm....speechless~



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Anonymous said...

hahaz...actually...if edit nicely and dun too over will be perfect lo~~ xD

hmm...aiyo...why say urself noob la~~
no edit...
just look like.....

国宝 only... xD
jk la...dun too late sleep lo~~
jyjyjyjyjy~~~ help ur kenari pump pump oil...~~~huraaayy~~ oil drop price again...can pump more for vicky d lo~~

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