To secretman: Without edition de Vicky

U say What??? U say What???





Just back from church

one interesting thing happened today^^

I serve in the church as "招待员"

Giving off the papers to each of the people who entered into the church

Giving off and off and off

Until I gave to an old woman

She looked at me for quite a time

As if like she was waiting for me to say something to her

So I say:" Err,早安,耶稣爱你哦!"

With my brightest smile, haha

Then she smiled back at me

What I knew the next thing was

She touched my face with her palm

Then she looked into my eye~

How I reacted??


I was stiffed~

haha, Nothing to do, but kept on smiling


One of my friend who work as 招待员also

He found that out

I was happy coz thinking that he might help me

Who knows

He just walked past and then smiled brightly to me


Haha, after half a minute of touching my chubby face

The woman finally went off

On the way she leave her hand from my face

She even slide her palm along my cheek

Causing my face like kena pulled off by her


Story ends here, and I keep on doing my serving job


Study times~ Gambatei Neh

Say who?????



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Anonymous said...

hahaz...funny la ^^"

mayb she thinking of "hmm...this chubby face if use to bbq must be nice...hmm..need use wat souse hor...? " then keep at there thinking..thinking.... xD


vicky +u oh~~~~~but dun study till sot jor a ==

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kopi kopi~~

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