Gambatei Neh Vicky Chan~

A morning call from my elder sister woke me up this morning
She's coming down to Sibu today
It was quite a long time since we met

On the other hand, I also realized that I've slept for 7hours 45minutes
Oh my Goodness~!! Everyone

Vicky's slept!! I slept!!

Yea, some people will think that what am I so happy about "SLEEPING"
To tell you guys that 4 days ago Vicky had not been sleeping
So thats why I'm happy~

Feeling much better after a few hours of sleep
Yea ==
Few hours of sleep had got my hand leg neck face into mosquitoes' bites
Plus 2 spots of bruises on my head and leg

Which I knocked on my car door on my head


Which I fell down from the staircase when both of my leg "softened" ki~

Vicky was like humiliated by someone else, LOL (kidding)

Oh well, got to go study now, all the best to VICKY!


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Anonymous said... like this 1 la....if too many days dint sleep lo~~~

hmm...u must be tired till blur @@ d lor that time...

this photo funny ^^"
but vicky's hand edit till cacat jor...look more like a baseball stick...xD

     /▍      ^^
 /▍  \▍   /▍ 
 \▍   ▍   \▍        有乌龟
  ▍ ◥快乐◤   ▍        ↓
◥幸福◤~~~~~◥灌水◤  ~~~   
~~~~ ~~  ~~~~   ~@@◢■◣

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