What Happened To me

What Happen

Ok, I admitted that I've done my homework, My class test is over, I can get rest by today~ That what I supposed to do today


instead of it, I can't sleep now, feeling like there is still got many things awaited for me to finish them. How and why?? As I looked at those books on my table, my head began to pain, my heart started to pump out of normal pace. So stressy now, really stress out~!

Someone help me please

There's no one I can speak out my voice to,

I don't wish them to worry about me

Duh~ Then why I write it here =.=??

The only place I can speak out is Here, My bloggy~

Dear Blog,
Thanks for being my listener all this while

Whenever I felt happy, sad, frightened or whatever feeling is that

I'll definitely approach to you
Telling you of how I feel
I'm really stress out now

I can't sleep at all although I have the time to sleep
Help me blog~
Sometimes I'll close up my eye
And think very hardly

Think Think Think and Think
Nothing processed out
Was my brain malfunctioned ki?==
Went to church today
In the prayer room,
I was alone

I knelled down and closed up my eye

I prayed to GOD
what have been happening to me lately??

Especially when I was alone, I can't find the happy me
All I was thinking is study study study and study
God, I don't feel the right way now
This isn't really right
I don't know whats bothering me
Hope that someday I can shut down my brain
So that I won't need to think
My brain is painful now

What I need now??
What I'm lacking of??


GOD, please lend Ur hand upon me
Get through this weird situation I'm having now

God care??
Family care??

Friend care??
Your care??

Maybe that's not what I'm lacking of now

Then What????????

Help me somebody~
I wanna cry out loud
I really can't think out what actually is bothering me
But What I'm knowing now is
I cannot stop thinking
My brain, its really hurt
please get away from me
I beg of u

-Stress mode-

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