Done But Yet


Finally Class test had just finished today
Not that easy girl, that is not OVER yet
Tonight I have to rush all the homework
Which need to be passed up by tomorrow
ALL Of them~~~~

When is the "STOP" day??
I wanna stop Everything, THEN~
Breathed in Deep Deep DEepLy
Very very Very Deeply
Haven't breathe normally these few days
I remembered last night when I was studying
One part I can't really get it
I nearly cried out
Really really wanna like getting crazy ki~
I opened up the gate
While everyone including my cousin and grandma
Who were sleeping very deeply in their dreams
I walked along the road
Listening to the sound of silent
I was alone
I am alone
But I'm not gonna be alone
With the accompany of the people around me
Especially you

Having tough times

Having difficulties

Having distraction

Having Stress

Having sadness

Having confusion

Having complication

Having difficulties in breathing

ALL of this can be covered, can be Recovered
Just by HAVING U
Nothing more



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