Getting Sleepy

Vicky Haven't sleep for 2 days straight

Just because of single class test

And guess what?

There are 2 more subject to go tomorrow

Another 3rd day for sure

Yea, although I had already studied for it

But I just can't help to study again and again

Moreover, study at a longer time also

Looking at my cousin slept so soundly

Felt like sleeping also


I can't

I can't stop myself from staying up so late

That is my habit


Luckily got Supports from Hub

Thanks alot ^^



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Fαитөи said...

Bi u gotta know ..
All these effort and hardworks will surely gives bi more of what bi expected the results to be , DOUBLEworth it (:
So its all worth it.. don get fed up or whatever ~ always bear in mind of what i had told ya okie (:
But be sure to get enough rest when the exam is near.. like if its the next day .. u don wanna get sleepy and tired while sittin for the exam aye =P
Well.. Jiayous bi!
XoXoXo xOxOxO


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