last Day Of Holiday

Today is the last day of my Holiday, Staying at home doing nothing also, Gush~ When I’m gonna change my lifestyle? Oh GOD, Please give me something new.

My second elder sister had her ACCA examination today, she had been studied with me in the living room all this long afternoons. In the afternoon 3pm, she started her examination in Pilley Institution (my present School) and ended at 6.15pm, although the time range (3hr 15minutes) seems long enough for the theory exam but if you think like that, you’re wrong, Totally wrong~ My sister said that for a single one question, you must AT LEAST write for one page, at least! This is not easy man, even though you have studied the whole book, or even memorized every single word in the sentence, the main matter is How you gonna apply the answer into the booklet question. The question will not gonna ask you: “What is an apple?” but “How do you eat an apple?” My first 2 papers T1 and T2 of CAT is computer based which meant I’ll take my exam on the computer, Multiple choice questions. So, for the moment I still can handle it^^”

Tomorrow I’m gonna start my school, extremely happy!^^ Finally can escape from this terrible holiday T.T But I can’t online to blog for that often anymore I think.

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