Sooner I'll be an algae~ So long Friends:`(

Nah~ Just kidding about the Algae thingy, haha. Actually it is a description tho. Allow me to explain this extra ordinary deep description which is hard for normal people like most of the people to understand. "Sooner I'll be an algae" means that sooner I will be an algae, got that? In other word, Algae will be me sooner. Gush~ so sorry for the lame things I've got around. Although the word "holiday" sounds like I'm having fun, I actually pronounce it like "Bo-Rin-Day". I am suppose to have fun but I'm not, I am suppose to relax but I'm not, I am suppose to sleep well but I'm not, conclusion, I am suppose to have holiday but I NOT~

Not going out this few days, because I heard people says that the petrol and diesel oil's price will arise soon, I think its on 5/6/08 (Thursday), so people trying to save the oil money. What happen to the world? Everything is increasing in price, how us people gonna make our living? Everything is increasing except for the salary, do we have to be threathen till like that? Poor little us, poor little Malaysia~ I think sooner everyone will back to the olden days, bicycle to work, bicycle to school, bicycle to everywhere, and car?? Extinct~

I even changed my habit of eating because of the increasing in price of many foods. For example: I have quited eating the bread, seldom drink my beloved MILO (sob sob), biscuits~ Oh my, those are my staple food ler, how I'm gonna survive without them? How? Tell me How? Ha? How? Now I start to eat Daddy Mee, which is quite cheap to buy and nice to eat^^ Plus the egg, PERFECT!

Hai~ All I have to describe to this holiday is "Hai~", another comment? Still Hai~~~ Want more comments? HAI HAI HAI HAI HAI~~ Everyday at home doing nothing but looking at books, sunny day looking books, cloudy day looking books, rainy day looking books, with all these conditions available, thus we have the growth of algae~ Do you understand what I'm trying to say? I've been covered up by algae! T.T Help Me~~ Wuwu~~ I don't want to be a Nerd~ neither a Noob, Neither also a BookWorm~ No one want to play badminton with me, no one want to jog with me, no one want to do yoga with me, no one want to call me~ only the books know how to accompany me, not me, is my Eye~ look at the book here look at the book there, look at the book here and there. The next thing happened, Collapsed ~o~

Luckily got a few friends sometime will miscall and text me, that is counted very very entertained to me already, I won't expect much more^^ But ho, if someone willing to go exercise with me will be better lo, or maybe hanging out with me? Wei~ Just now who say: "I won't expect much more^^" de ha? Who? Don't dare to admit it izzit? Who? =.= Crazy le me~ Study too much, Forgive me for those lamooo things.

HEY~ Got New info Wanna Share With you ALL (especially for Long Eye Lashes People)::::::

Demodex folliculorum

Oh my goodness!! Guess What is this thing?? This is a kind of mite which lives in the follicle (hole where hair grows). Try to imagine this thing is crowing in ur hair follicle now~ Then look at the explanation below:

The mites live head-down in a follicle, feeding on secretions and dead skin debris. At the left, you can see three demodicids (blue) buried in the follicle of a hair, and you can also see the hair's shaft(green). If too many mites have buried into the same follicle, it may cause the eyelash to fall out easily.

The mites have tiny claws, and needlelike mouthparts for eating skin cells. Their bodies are layered with scales, which help them anchor
themselves in the follicle. The mite's digestive system results in so little waste that the mite
doesn't even have an excretory opening. So although there may be mites in your eyelashes, there isn't any mite poop! Thank goodness! However ... did you know that you go to sleep at night on a pillow that is home to many thousands of dust mites ...which help keep our homes clean by consuming the tens of millions of skin cells we shed each day? Just like a vacuum cleaner! Well, all you have to do is pretend they're not there! Haha

So Guys with extra Long Long Eyelashes, please do take care of them^^ make suring that they do not fall easily~~ Wash your face everyday keep the mites away. An apple a day keep a doctor a way!
Good Ending huh?
-Dread disease is the hardening of the attitude-


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