Customizing My Blog not That Easy MAN~

I've been spending much of my time on editing my blog this few days, although for much of the people it was like easy come easy go, for me it was like a FROG in a well. Everything seems new to me, ESPECIALLY the "html" thingy which makes me "doomed" the whole night. But Guess what?? I've learnt many things from here!^^ Hope you guys can enjoy viewing my blog, I'll be sure that more new and fun stuff will come out soon!

Recently I noticed a blog from kennysia, his blog posts were amazing and interesting, maybe its because the content was full of funny descriptions. I remembered he advertised about the potato chips, I laughed out my tears you know, so funny. You guys won't regret of viewing his blog:, trust me, gonna be worth of it. Just an ordinary malaysian can got so famous just because his blog!

I have also decided to create a box link of my favourite recipes, but I don't even know how to create it, someone else can help me? I know its about FOOD again, but I really love to share my favourite food and drinks with you all^^ Hope you guys will like it tho.

Maybe I should show one of my beloved recipe to you first^^:::::

EGG MERINGUE COOKIE::: At the turn of the year, share it with ur Beloved One

Ingredients: 80g sugar, 100g sugar powder, 200g almond powder, 80g cake flour, 5 egg whites, and some walnuts

How To Prepare:

1. Put sugar, sigted sugar powder, almond powder, and cake flour into a big bowl.

2. Make a big hole in the middle and put egg whites into the cavity.

3. Mix well with a frother.

4. Add thinly sliced walnut pieces and mix well.

5. Spread a parchment paper on a pan. Place round cookies of dough on the paper, using a spoon. Bake in the already heated oven at 190 degree celcius for 10-15 minutes.
** ENJOY**

Enjoy eating cookies is one of my entertainment^^ But the problem is the price of flour is rising, so do COOKIES! T.T Because of that, I have to decrease my purchase on cookies, so instead of buying cookies, I buy crackers=.= which are quite ok for me. The rice also increasing in price sooner, so my grandma bought 2 BAGS of rice for storage, don't be suprised to that because you know what? Most of the people bought 10 BAGS for future use. Gush~ our world had reached to a stage of this, how are we gonna surviveT.T?? I hope I can standup of the crowd and create a community named "Anti-Government". Then I will act like what the indonesia doing nowadays, they gathered to a big group and holding sign showing how strong they disagree with the rising in price of the oil. For me, I'll do that either^^ Nah~ I think too far away, that's impossible for me this little girl to campur tangan to this case. BUT! Who knows? Haha~ To save the petrol oil, people finding ways to have short cuts of the road, people who used car started to use motorbike, those who use motorbike started to use bicycle, and those who used bicycle start to walk, those who used to walk start to crawl, those who crawl started to lying down, those who lie down started to become ashes. Thus resulted in the vanishes of living thing on the earth, which we called "The End of the world"... NAH~ Just kidding, Don't get serious with that^^

Anyway, I've almost finished my study for T2 book, one more chapter to go^^ Really hope this would help me alot as it may be more understandable while my lecture teach. Thanks for the encouragements I got from my friends, they helped me alot too!^^ Well got to go now, tomorrow 10am have to go to Hush Puppies working, I work as a Part time! ^^

There is no wrong side of the bed. We get up on the wrong side of our mind.

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Anonymous said...

haha..yealo.all thing de price also keep rise + rise...except rise still rise...hmm....we should campur tangan!!!!cause we R malaysian ba !!!>.< swt..not serious till like tat la...need crawl need lying down or wat... == take shortcut road still ok half road drive in jungle lo..or drive over small stream tat kind...haha..or even go in oil station just to over take few fast start work d...+u+U

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