I've got a Part Time Job^^

CONGRATULATIONS! I have got a new part time job for weekends^^ And Guess what? Same place called Hush Puppies^^ Well, it sounds weird for me to have a part time job for this unsuitable time of period, but I'm doing this is for else's good. The rising in price of almost everything had forced me till I have to find a part time job. Look What Have the Government done to this poor little cute girl me. But the fun part is, I gonna face a more challengable life intruder^^

To tell the truth, I am trying to face a different challenging situation, like half work half study, although its normal for other countries, but for me who is still a beginner would be quite a challenging aspect. So I rather standup and do something meaningful than doing nothing. For example:
  • I'm not gonna sit there and wait for my parent to feed me, so work!
  • I'm not gonna let my parent worked so hard just because have to pay for my fees, so work!
  • I'm not gonna feel desperate by the increasing price in many things, including the foods I like, so work!
  • I wished to buy things for my family and friends by the money I earned by my own rather than using the pocket money you've got from your parent and buy things for them again, it was like they buying for themsleves you know? So work!
  • Getting more experiences in the society activities are part of my aims to achieve my future career, so work!

There are many things more I can list down, I scared that you guys will getting more boring and resulted in having no more interest on my blog, so I stopped^^ But I really want you all to understand what am I trying to do on behalf of these things I've done in my Life. Trying to be more different than any other people in the way they live their Life...



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Anonymous said...

wa...u really push urself so hard neh...sat and sun also cant rest..later who write blog giv me see o..>.< ..work at same place b4 also not bad..u got alot fren there...^^"
u can like this think also good lo..earn money by urself...and can buy gift for me...wahhaahhaa...anyway..gambateh o...haha..

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