Finally HoliDaY ~^^~

I am so HAPPY now^^ Are you? And you know why? This is all because of the word HOLIDAY^^ Well, Holiday got advantages and disadvantages. First, please allow me to introduce the advantages to you^^::::::::


# Relax la~
# Stop wondering of what to wear for the day
# No Need to set alarm 6.45am
# No need to look at the time during night for making sure the bed time^^
# Can go Miri to visit my PARENTS!! So extremely happy about that~
# Can find part time job to earn some pocket money

Secondly, the Disadvantages:::::::

# Still have to look at the book for revising
# Cannot see my beloved friends anymore until the school re open
# No more^^

Haha, seemed like nothing much to say for the disadvantages, if any of you guys have more advantages or disadvantages, do please make sure have to share with me ya^^ Although it is a holiday time, I still can't feel the relaxing way, like my whole body still holding a huge rock of burden, whoever can help me carry the rock T.T?? Siapa??~~ Wuwu>> I have to look at the books for whole afternoon and whole night, my butt sit until almost "ben jet" already, sometime cannot stand it, so just walk around my room read aloud the text in the book, a little abnormal for outsiders to see that^^"

In Brunei never get myself so serious into study before, even though my parents were around. But in Sibu, I got myself motivated and it is OVER motivated in study until I don't even know I got myself SICK~ Funny thing is that everything on my left side of my face felt hurt, my left eye, my left ear, especially my left brain. But my whole head felt hot~ What kind of sick is that? My throat like kena mouse bite, so painful when eating or drinking. From that day onwards, I everyday drink green bean soup, and guess what? My throat healed!^^ And guess what too?? My face still hot and my LEFT brain still bombing Iraq. My whole body ached, my body posture worst than my grandma. What happen is that I got better after a few days^^ Incredible huh? Without any Panaldo, So People~ Please don't rely anything on Pills alright??

I've got to know more friends in Pilley, and that's a good news for me^^ Inside if the class, Outside of the class, inside out and outside in. Oh ya, last Thursday my T2 teacher got very sick, But still she came to class to teach, she was extremely forcing herself to teach you know? Even though she can't stand properly, she still forcing herself to stand still but one hand holding the table, the other hand writing words on the whiteboard. I felt so sad and touched T.T Then the next day (Friday) she took leave. Well, My T1 teacher said that T2 teacher had a fever so she can't come. So sad to see a Cute teacher who loves to eat sweet became sick~.~ Extra Info: Recently Vicky found out that she likes RABBIT SWEET very much, News ended-

Well well, For this 10 coming holidays, I don't know how I'm gonna precious them even though I know I can't get away from the books T.T

Tired~ Got to go packing my bag for tomorrow trip to Miri~ I'm coming Daddy and Mommy!! Please wait for me yea!! Muakz~

-Never accept the negative until you have thoroughly explored the positive-

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Anonymous said...

hallo...^^ hihi..2nd time reply this comment d..1st time duno y sending fail where got disadvantage 1 o...(for me this piggie la) Oh ya!! u set the alarm the same time wif me o..^^" and u arr...beside study must take care good good of ur health too lo..dun everyday later boom here and there inside ur body..v kolien a..>.< ...if serious need went see doctor lo...ur lecturer so wei da o..T.T
wa..RaBBit sweet i like it v much too..!!! >.<
p.s/ hmm..dun eat too much sweet and gambateh for ur study o!! \^^/

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