Today's class only got one subject, that is T2, which is quite hard for me. And for this 3 hours class, Gush~ the teacher taught alomost one chapter at a time, too many informations to absorb. Nearly got me killed! T.T

Anyway, I reach school 7.45am today while my school starts at 10.15am. I spent my time in the library. I started to study T3 on my own first, searching informations from the library, do some past year paper. Well, thats because my second sister said that I going to have that much time to prepare for my next test soon after my first test T1 and T2. Thats gonna be a little tough, but I love it^^

After school, my sister fetched me to Hush puppies due to her late of work. Finally i can met my working friends again^^ So happy~ But the thing is I spent my time there studying and had my revision there. The clock striked 5pm as soon as I finished my revision, time sure past so fast =.=

Guess tonight I have to go through all my studies again ^^' Its hard but I have to love it^^ People say study with a happy mood will improve your power of absorbing knowledge. Well, I'll love it then~ Haha

Think right, act right; it is what you think and do that makes you what you are.

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Anonymous said...

why got teach so fast 1...wa..u can so rajin hor...haha...gambateh o.. ^^

Michael Chu said...

Jia you jia you~!Up date every day let us know wat is happening on u~!And pls do remember don study untill u sick oledi also don knw tats very dangerous later pengsan at home who gona sent u to hospital?so must must must take care urself ok dokie? hehehe and i promise u wan to wrote a long long one oh so i have to think alot alot of thing to wrote neh will nvm la till here 1st next time then wrote again since din have much ppl wrote yet hehehe~!take care yah and don forget our date =P

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